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 The New Look
I am in the process of working on a new site design. Thanks again to Matt at The BM Rant for his help in the design.

So what do you think of the new look so far? Please comment and let me know. All feedback is valuable.

Posted by Paul @ 11:08 PM 2 comments

 Democrats Trash the Troops, Again
A number of my conservative blogger buddies have made a point to comment on this news article from the The Pittsburgh Channel about how Catherine Baker Knoll, PA's Lt. Governor, insulted a widow of an American soldier who gave his life for freedom in Iraq.

I try to keep a somewhat family oriented site, one that your kids could read, so I will avoid really typing what I think of this democrat garbage who represents this state.

One would think it respectable that she would show up at a funeral for a fallen son of Pennsylvania. However, reports are that she distributed her business card and commented that the government is against this war. Yes, at the funeral service, for a fallen soldier, nshe said to the family that the government is against the war. This made a terrible day worse for the family, and her written apology, is not sufficient. She should be made to resign for this disgrace to a Pennsylvania family.

Her actions show two things.

One is that the Rendell administration has no respect for our military and he should pay for that in the next election. He fought to not give the troops, fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, additional time to get in their mail-in ballots in the 11/04 elections, even after the mistake was the result of the PA Voter Commission. Now a member of his administration is denigrating families of the brave men and women fighting for our freedom. Rendell should no longer be Governer ofthis great state.

Second, when will the liberals realize that you can not say you are against the war on terror but for the troops. Is this situation not evidence enough that their position is bunk? The troops do not see your point of view, but they fight for your right to view that way. I won't say you can't feel that way, but I will say I think your hedge is a sign that you are a coward. Either you are afraid of backlash from those who support our country and are against terrorism, or you are afraid of being labeled a war monger by your own party. Either way, grow a backbone.

Posted by Paul @ 9:03 PM 8 comments

 Somebody Done Agree Wit Me!
In a previous post Is You Trippin the Lefties be Heppin Me, I wrote how the San Bernadino, CA School Board will be further holding back their black students by teaching in Ebonics. I was glad to see comments from many who agreed that this was a travesty, although somewhat disappointed that no one disagreed to incite debate.

However, Project 21, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that has been a leading voice of the African-American community since 1992 is in full agreement that this is stupid. Hollah!

This program is called the S.A.N.K.O.F.A Initiative (Students Accumulating New Knowledge Optimizing Future Accomplishment). Sankofa is a Ghana word for, "We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward; so we understand why and how we came to be who we are today." Wow, one word says all that? In looking at the translation, what past are they exactly trying to reclaim? Dead Gangsta Rappers, drug dealers and pimps.

In their press release, Project 21 rightfully so claims that ebonics will not allow someone to acquire or maintain a job. Imagine this from your financial advisor, "Yo Dawg, you want the bling bling, you be needin' to put some Benjamins in dis hot jawn. Ya know what I'm sayin'"

I said it before and I will say it again, by lowering the bar for one group, you doom them to a life of failure. Project 21 member Kevin Martin says it best, "This is a prime example of what people call 'the soft bigotry of low expectations.'"

Peace Out!

Posted by Paul @ 8:57 PM 3 comments

 US Troops Fight Back
We are at war. We are defending our nation against an enemy who would lop of your head because of the freedoms you enjoy. Our brave men and women are fighting back against US Senators? The Washington Times reports the left wing loops of Ted Kennedy and Daniel Akaka were visiting the brave men and women at Guantanamo Bay. My favorite line is, "Pentagon officials said soldiers criticized the harsh comments made recently by Senate Democrats." Way to go Dick! You think your words only go to appease the lefty peace-freaks that claim to be your base, Mr. Durbin.

You trash the military, call them as baby killers and the like, and throw insults at the commander in chief, and then claim you support the troops but are against the war. It does not work. The troops don't see it that way. They see you as against what they are putting their lives on the for, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. None of which will we have if we loose this war.

Posted by Paul @ 12:28 AM 2 comments

 Drop the Puck!
I don't know about you, but I can not wait for hockey season to start again. There was a huge void after football season until baseball really started up, and I missed the playoffs.

A couple points about the strike and the NHL.

1) Like all four sports I think there are too many teams. Who plays ice hockey in phoenix, I mean let's be serious. If they would ever go deep in the playoff, you could be playing on ice when the temperature is 100 degrees outside. Also, do second tier cities like Columbus really need a team? Too many teams means a diluted product with the good players too spread out, and players who should not be playing still hang around.

2) I like the majority of the rule changes. Click hereto link to the NHL rules changes. Although the NHL would not have to go this route if the referees would have enforced the rules on the books from the beginning. The whole behind the net area for goalies is a little weird. No need to set boundaries to restrict their movements, just let them get checked like any other player. The shootout is huge and will definitely make the game more exciting.

3) I am glad to read that owners are dropping ticket prices. With the cap in place and the players taking a 24% salary cut, it is nice to see that the owners are not keeping the ticket prices inflated to line their pockets.

4) I think it is stupid to break this season for the Olympics. You are coming off a year where you did not play, and you are going to take 3 weeks off to tiptoe in a foreign country. Where are the winter Olympics this year? Shows you how much I care.

All that said, it will be great to see the orange and black take to the ice again. Go Flyers!

Posted by Paul @ 11:57 PM 2 comments

 Loser's Lies - The truth about Judge Roberts
Ginsberg and Breyer did not face the situation that Roberts will face. The Republicans in Congress did not threaten a filibuster, the Cato Institute was not raising money for a fight. Do the Democrats forget something YOU LOST!!!!!

Stop this crap. What does Bush owe you? I'll tell you, nothing! Because you lost!

What are you afraid of? Someone who actually reads and rules based on the Constitution, not what he thinks the founders might have thought when they wrote the document. If you're afraid of the Constitution, why don't you finally move to Canada like you promised.

Let's look at what some of these LOSERS are saying.

The ACLU says, ""The Supreme Court has played a pivotal role in advancing freedom," said Anthony D. Romero, ACLU Executive Director. "Without the Supreme Court, the South would still be segregated, illegal abortions would be claiming thousands of lives, the indigent would have no right to a lawyer, and lesbian and gay Americans could be imprisoned for their private sexual conduct." So what exactly is Romero trying to say, that Roberts will roll back ruling of the court. Right, like the citizenry would allow that to happen. Nice scare tactic, show me some evidence.

Howard, AAARH, Dean said, ""Democrats take very seriously the responsibility to protect the individual rights of all Americans and are committed to ensuring that ideological judicial activists are not appointed to the Supreme Court. The Senate Judiciary Committee will now have the opportunity to see if Judge Roberts can put his partisanship aside, and live up to a Supreme Court Justice's duty to uphold the rights and freedoms of every American and the promise of equal justice for all." Funny, I never realized that someone who supports the rules written down nearly 220 years ago would be considered an activist. Did ever read the oath of office that a Supreme Court Justice takes it is pretty interesting, they actually take two oaths:

I, ___, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. Do help me God


I, ___, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as_________ according to my abilities and understanding agreeably to the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.”

That pretty much says it: Administer justice equally. He will be taking an oath that he is to do that. He also says he will support theconstitutionn, something which is foreign to a number of democrats. That could be the problem.

Let's look at some of NOW's issues. Naturally Roe v. Wade is an issue and Roberts stated that he feels it was not ruled upon properly. I'll get to why in a minute.

"While in private law practice, Roberts served as lead counsel for Toyota in Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. v. Williams, in which he argued to limit the protections of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The case involved a woman fired after asking Toyota for accommodations to do her job after being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. The court ruled that while this condition impaired her ability to work, it did not impair her ability to perform a major life activity, and thus was not protected by the ADA." Actually, Sandra Day O'Connor, who the Dems consider a moderate and supported served the opinion of the court against Williams. Basically, she was a pneumatic tool operator who developed carpal tunnel, they moved her to adifferentt area of the plant and she still could not perform her job. The court ruled in favor of Toyota, and this line says it all, "There is also no support in the [American with Disabilities] Act, our previous opinions, or the regulations for the Court of Appeals' idea that the question of whether an impairment constitutes a disability is to be answered only by analyzing the effect of the impairment in the workplace." Here's the kicker, there was no dissenting opinion. Not even the liberals on the court agreed with this suit. Nice try!

So what else don't these chicks like, he is against Title IX, which is unconstitutional, and he is in favor of the 10th amendment to the Bill of Rights, this is where Roe v. Wade comes in. "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people." Overturning Roe v. Wade is not going to make abortion illegal, it will put it where it should be, in the states and with the citizenry. Since it is not prohibited and the Constitution does not expressly allow the government to act, it would and should fall to the states.

In closing, I feel I must reiterate the point, that an originalist by nature is not an activist. defines the root word, active, as disposed to take action or effectuate change. Originalists don't want change, they support and uphold Constitution.

Posted by Paul @ 8:44 PM 1 comments

 Is You Trippin', The Lefties be Heppin' Me
Yo, what up homes? Hollah, fam?

In the latest from the sympathetic left, The San Bernadino Sun is reporting that the San Bernadino school district will be helping the African American students in the district improve their academic performance. Yep, they are going to raise the bar, improve teaching, hold the parents accountable and make going to school a worth while learning experience.

Sure, and Bill Clinton has a chance to be President again.

No, they are going to take the easy way out. Instead of actually educating students they are taking the easy way out, by lowering the bar. "Incorporating Ebonics into a new school policy that targets black students, the lowest-achieving group in the San Bernardino City Unified School District, may provide students a more well-rounded curriculum, said a local sociologist."

Yes, Ebonics. The proud language of gangsta rappers everywhere recognized by the penultimate school district, Oakland. What's the required reading, Snoop Dogg and Fiddy Cent?

Give me a break. I am shocked to think that these people actually think they are doing right by these students. It cracks me up to read, "[School Board Member Danny] Tillman hoped the new policy would increase the number of black students going to college and participating in advanced courses."

Mr. Tillman forgets one thing. English! Colleges in the United States teach in English, and there is not single AP test in Ebonics. No credible academic university has recognized ebonics as a language other than slang.

What prominent black person in society speaks ebonics? The answer is none! So why all of a sudden do people think it is ok to speak and now teach ebonics? Because it is the path of least resistance. It is easier to lower the bar that to bring the students up to meet or exceed the bar. It is not about talking white or black, it is about talking English. While I know my English is not perfect, and I am more relaxed in my comfort zone with friends, speaking and writing English in America has gotten me far in life.

It is policies like this that make it more necessary to have a Constitutional Amendment declaring English the language of the land. You down wit dat, yo?

Posted by Paul @ 10:10 PM 5 comments

 More Wisdom from the Hollywood Left
The Town Hall has a great article by John Leo concerning the latest regurgitation from the left coast. David Koepp, screenwriter of War of the Worlds, claims "Martian attackers in the film represent the American military, while the Americans being slaughtered at random represent Iraqi civilians."

What is this nut talking about? I didn't think that the Martians were liberating anybody. I also don't recall the Martians rebuilding schools, restoring the infrastructure, or getting murdered handing out candy to children. That's because Koepp is following the guidance of fruits like George "Only a Sith thinks in Absolutes" Lucas and Michael Moore.

I think H.G. Wells and Barre Lyndon would argue with him. For those of you who are unaware, H.G. Wells wrote the book War of the Worlds and Barre Lyndon adapted the original screenplay for the 1953 classic. Why not stand apart from the lefty fruits and say something sane like the Martians represent the terrorists and truth, justice and the American way will always triumph, or if that is too much trouble, keep your trap shut. In fact keep your mouth shut, every screenplay that is half decent is an adaptation of a novel or another movie. Koepps's original screenplays reads like the garbage outside of a third rate movie rental store: The Paper, Suspicious and Bad Influence. Can't say I remember them.

This is actually part of the problem with Hollywood, there is no originality. They follow each other lock step politically and in their lack of originality. War of the Worlds, already stated, The Bad News Bears, Billy Bob, you are no Walter Matthau, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where's Gene Wilder when you need him. I have as much desire to go to the movies right now as I do to pour Tabasco in my eyes.

Posted by Paul @ 9:13 PM 1 comments

 Justice John Roberts?
I like the fact that Bush picked a 50 year old, someone relatively young who could serve for a while. I also have to say I am not upset about this choice.

The Alliance for Justice thinks he is too conservative. Works for me. seems to like him, although they state Ted Kennedy would be ok with him. That worries me a little. thinks he would be a fine choice. Again works for me.

I like this choice, but Justice Suter taught us that you can not determine how one would swing once they get the black rode and lifetime commission. Hopefully 5 years from now we will be saying the same things about Justice Roberts. All I ask is that the Senate keep this respectable and remember their Constitutional duty.

Posted by Paul @ 8:52 PM 1 comments

 Help for Kerry
Just in case you can't find the form Mr. Kerry, I have this link for you to the National Archives, and a PDF Form 180. You should have Acrobat Reader on your computer, it is free. That's one thing you haven't tried to tax. Oops.

From the January 30th, Meet the Press with Tim Russert

MR. RUSSERT: Would you sign Form 180?

SEN. KERRY: But everything, Tim...

MR. RUSSERT: Would you sign Form 180?

SEN. KERRY: Yes, I will.

Posted by Paul @ 9:18 AM 0 comments

 My World is Upside Down - France and the Muslims
France is doing the right thing, yeah and Satan is having a snowball fight with his minions? No really, I hate to admit it, but France is doing one thing in the fight on terror the US does not have the politically correct guts to do.

BBC News reports, "French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has vowed to deport any Muslim cleric preaching violence." Why can't the US do this? Because we have a bunch of unrealistic neo-liberals that refuse to do what is necessary to win the war on terror. In fact we will never win this war if these delusional lefties realize that political correctness will be our own undoing. We have the legal means to do this since 1798. The Sedition Act just needs to be renewed and the punishments altered to include deportation. We are at war folks and it is high time we do the things necessary to win this war.

The following should be all over every newspaper, news show, news website, but since it is good news for a republican administration, I'm sure your won't see it. The Washington Post reports, that in the Muslim Nations, Bin Laden and terrorism is down and democracy is up. In research done by the Pew Research Center, the number of Muslims who see suicide bombings and terrorist attacks against civilians has dropped dramatically since the study conducted last year. Also a majority of Muslims in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Indonesia believe that democracy can work in their countries and is not solely a western ideal. This report is huge news for the Bush Administration and reason to celebrate. But where are the bells and whistles, where are all the reports for the mainstream media and or the alleged conservative media. I happened across this on a search and felt it necessary to write about, since I am sure few of you heard about it.

Posted by Paul @ 7:20 PM 0 comments

 Beyond Harry Potter

I've not read the books nor have I seen the movies. I really have no desire to, but the whole larger cultural aspect of these books is hilarious.

I was watching the news with my wife last night which showed the lines of parents and children anxiously awaiting the books sales. While waiting in line for a book is one thing, waiting in line in costume is another. Can we pleased be serious for a minute folks. While your kids may want to do this, it is your role as parents to help prevent your kids from getting beat up in school. Kids have enough reading to do in school, they should be outside playing baseball, football or classic games as freedom or ghosts in the graveyard. Instead of having outdoor fun during the dog days of summer, they are going to be walled inside their homes reading a book. Keep in mind kids, you have your whole lives to read a book, but only one childhood.

As if Greenpeace has nothing better to do, they chimed in on Harry Potter too. Let's bash the American manufacturer, and kneel at the altar of the foreigners. "If they had printed the book on 100 percent recycled paper, like Raincoast, its 10.8 million print run could have saved 217,475 mature trees." Greenpeace claims Scholastic Publishing chopped down "ancient" forests for the paper for their book. What exactly is an ancient forest anyway? I remember reading it was good to thin old growth forests to allow for the new trees to take root. Well, Greenpeace neglects to say what percentage they did use, so I hold no credence in what thit bunch of nut jobs says anyway.

Finally, is the Pope that out of touch with reality? Two letters from when Pope Benedict XIV was a Bishop shows his displeasure with the Harry Potter books. His opinion is that it would distort a child's judgment as to the lines between good and evil. IT'S A BOOK! Is it not the role of parents to set the limitations of good and evil in their own families? Are you afraid that by reading the book kids are going to turn into witches a warlocks? That's as ridiculous as not allowing kids to dress up for halloween.

To sum up, screw Greenpeace, I'm glad kids are reading but don't loose track of your childhood, don't forget to play, and the Pope needs to mellow.

Posted by Paul @ 11:46 AM 0 comments

 In the News
As I am sitting here recovering from surgery, I am trying to figure out why I am paying so much for cable TV when there is nothing on. But I was anxious for the Space Shuttle Launch so I watched Fox News and have a couple of insights to share since there were a lot of big stories today.

The Space Shuttle

I was really hoping to be typing a post as to how great America is that after 2.5 years, we recover and are going back to space. Alas, the launch may be delayed at the worst until October because of a design flaw in the fuel sensors. Hopefully this can go off in the next few days but certainly the safety of the crew is the number one priority.

The will be a Season

The NHLPA and the Owners agreed in principle on an agreement to end the lockout and have a 2005-06 Season. I am an avid Flyers fan and can not wait for the puck to drop as well as be able to write some hockey posts.

25 Years in Jail

Bernard Ebbers, former CEO of WorldCom, was sentenced to 25 years is jail, which is essentially a life sentence since he already 63 years old. Frankly though, this is not enough considering the thousands of pensions and retirements he destroyed. Every piece of property he owns should be sold and distributed among the former employees and shareholders of WorldCom.

Finally, The Karl Rove Scandal

Funny how when there is a Republican in office the democrats think the Independent Counsel is a great idea. Though in this case, they are investigating an aide to the President, not the President himself. I think Bush is saying what he is supposed to say,basically, this is still an ongoing investigation and we need to wait to see where it leads before he makes any decision. Honestly, what else can he say. He needs to stand by his man until the all the evidence comes out.

It would seem to me that the Democrats are calling for Rove's head since it was his direction that allowed the Republicans to defeat Gore and Kerry. Still not over it Dems? Allow the investigation to go on is the proper way to go. If it comes out that Rove did leak the name of a covert CIA agent, Bush should not have to fire him. He should resign and face prison time.

I'm off to continue recuperating and watch MacGyver reruns on Spike TV.

Posted by Paul @ 3:51 PM 4 comments

 Way to Represent Bobby!
I am laid up right now recovering from deviated septum surgery. God bless privitized medicine.

I had to commend Bobby Abreu on his spectacular performance in the Home Run Derby last night. There have been questions regarding his heart in the field, bu the guy can flat out hit.

Here is a link to my buddy Matt's site the BMRant. He has some good links and says what needs to be said on his feat.

Posted by Paul @ 1:35 PM 0 comments

 A Gay Baby?
I am a true conservative when it comes to the gay and lesbian community. No special treatment but no loss of rights either, the sanctity marriage is reserved for one man and one woman, and children should not be reared in a gay or lesbian home unless the only other resort is foster care. What I am about to show you is an absolute disgrace and one in which the gay and lesbian community should be ashamed.

This advertisement for the Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian film festival was taken from page 11 of the Tuesday, July 5th Philadelphia Metro daily magazine.

Yes, that is a baby wearing a rainbow wig. A BABY WEARING A RAINBOW WIG! Am I the only one in this world that thinks this is wrong.

Is the implication that the baby is gay?

There could have been a much better choice here to advertise this festival. Why not an adult wearing the wig? Or even a dog, cat or fish in a rainbow wig? That might be funny. If the advertisers wanted shock value, they succeeded.

This just furthers the argument that segments of the population who wish to be segegated through special treatments or entitlements are moreout of touch with the common American.

Posted by Paul @ 10:54 PM 8 comments

 Racist New City Office
No kidding! (Hint of sarcasm since this is Philadelphia.)

On June 30th, the esteemed Mayor Street announced the Commission on African and Immigrant Affairs. This action, most likely a pandering to the Live 8 crowd, is typical waste of tax dollars by Philly's corrupt administration.

The press release stated the primary purpose of the commission is to, "encourage the development and implementation of policies and practices intended to improve conditions affecting the cultural, social, economic, political, educational, health and general well-being of the African and Caribbean immigrants, refugees, and asylees residing in Philadelphia."

No other immigrants need such assistance? Just because there are Polish, Russian, Chinese, Cambodian, Vietnamese and others coming to this city daily, they should be left to struggle and suffer on their own. The entitlement community can only be so large. This way we get'em as soon as they come off the boat so they can expect entitlements their whole life. This is the garbage typical of this corrupt administration.

The Mayor’s creation of this Commission "reaffirmed to the world Philadelphia’s historic commitment to tolerance, freedom and democracy." If you say so John. This truly affirms Philadelphia's intolerance of and screwing it to other races and ethnicities and your pandering to the black community in this city.

Posted by Paul @ 10:00 PM 4 comments

 The G-8 Screws Africa, Again
Everyone is listening to Live 8 and the G-8, but is anybody truly listening to the people of Africa. Der Spiegel has a fascinating article everyone should read. It is an interview with Kenyan Economist James Shikwati in which he says,"For God's Sake, Please Stop the Aid!"

Mr. Shikwati explains that the countries who are the worst off are the ones who get the most aid. The Aid keeps the bureaucracies and crooked leaders in place. Also, food aid is pilfered by the leaders and distributed to their tribes to strengthen support and/or sold on the black market. He further explains that the AIDS epidemic is a huge exaggeration designed to illicit additional funds. A favorite quote of mine from the article is, "Millions of dollars earmarked for the fight against AIDS are still stashed away in Kenyan bank accounts and have not been spent. Our politicians were overwhelmed with money, and they try to siphon off as much as possible. The late tyrant of the Central African Republic, Jean Bedel Bokassa, cynically summed it up by saying: 'The French government pays for everything in our country. We ask the French for money. We get it, and then we waste it.'"

Donations of food undercut the African Farmers, donations of clothes eliminate the African tailor. Africa has vast resources of gold, diamonds and oil, but because of the corrupt governments supported by Western Aid, the money from those industries does not get directed to the populace who needs it most.

"If they really want to fight poverty, they should completely halt development aid and give Africa the opportunity to ensure its own survival. Currently, Africa is like a child that immediately cries for its babysitter when something goes wrong. Africa should stand on its own two feet."

This case is further evidenced by a second Der Spiegel article Choking on Aid Money in Africa. The chart in this article evidences that the countries most in need of debt reduction are the countries who receive the most aid from the west. Read than again if you need to. One would think that giving aid would assist a country. However, the aid has made these countries too reliant on foreign funds. What happens in these countries if the they can no longer suckle from the fat pig of the West? This revolving door must close, and as Mr. Shikwati stated, "Africa should stand on its own two feet."

If they really want to help Africa, help them convert the raw materials into usable goods. Send or experts to their countries and teach them the ways of farming and industrialization. Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. By sending money, we are giving these nations the proverbial fish. It is time we teach them how to fish.

Posted by Paul @ 10:32 AM 0 comments

 An Apology to the British People
This one is for all the liberals that are worried about the feelings of the detainees at Gitmo, all you that want to release them because we might say mean things to them. To Amnesty International that thinks WE are the ones being cruel.

The Northeast Intelligence Network reports this developing story:

One UK Homicide Bomber Was Recent GITMO Release
7 July 2005; 12:54 ET: Preliminary reports from a source inside the Pentagon indicate that one of the operatives involved in this morning's bombings in London was recently released from the prison at Guantanamo. DEVELOPING…

If that is the case, as an American I am sorry. I am sorry that the Marines could not put a bullet in his head. I am sorry that we have an organization in our country, The ACLU, that would attempt to protect foreign fighters with the Constitution of our great country. The same Constitution these animals would burn if they had the chance. Trials for terrorists? Either lock them up and throw away the key or help to arrange a meeting with the devil.

Posted by Paul @ 4:47 PM 12 comments

 When is Enough, Enough? - The "Barbaric" Attacks in London
No, this post is not going to be a call to pull or troops. That would be cowardly and display to the terrorists that they can win and spread their Islamo-Facism around the world unfettered.

First let me say, may God be with the people of Great Britain during this difficult time. My prayers and I am sure the prayers of many Americans are with the families and loved ones of those who have died and are injured.

Among my first thoughts is that these cowards made a grave mistake. The people of Great Britain are not like those of the Philippines or Spain, they have strength. They have the blood of their parents, grandparents and great grandparents running through their veins. Men who fought valiantly during Battle of Britain, out numbered in aircraft nearly 4 to 1, yet arose victorious. They survived the fire bombing and the V Rocket attacks by the Nazis with a greater resolve toward victory. They will not back down, and if anything will be even more vigilant in this fight against terror. Thank you for standing with America, we now stand with you!

We live in a country where our airport security does not search people of obvious Middle Eastern decent because of profiling. Their civil rights might be violated. Michael Smerconish, a Philadelphia radio talk show host and author of Flying Blind, had a show yesterday morning at the US Constitution Center. There he brought citizens to describe their turmoil at airport check points. Common sense must reign the day. Would you logically search an elderly woman whose grandson has Cerebral Palsy? Would you make an American soldier in full uniform strip and take off his boots. Military issued boots have a steel shank! No, you would not. But the ACLU and the activist liberal judges ruled that the airport security can not profile.

Am I missing something? All the 9/11 hijackers had one thing in common that would cause them to be profiled and maybe not allowed on a plane, train, or bus. Guess what that would be? They were all from Middle Eastern men.

I am tired of hearing that Islam is a peaceful religion. If it is so peaceful, please show me the evidence. All I hear is “Allah is Great” followed by “Death to America”. I would love to be wrong on this point, really I would. However the attempted spread of Islamo-Facism through the scare tactics and murder of innocent men, women and children is continuing to show that I am not wrong. Sure, there are other terrorist organizations like PETA and the Earth Liberation Front, but I have yet to see them strap a bomb to their bodies and run into a disco, or drive a car bomb into a full school bus. Should I run a quick list: Al-Qaida – Muslim, Hezbollah – Muslim, Taliban – Muslim, Hamas – Muslim, Yassar Arafat – Muslim, Osama Bin Laden – Muslim, Al Zaqwari – Muslim. All are responsible for the murder of innocents, and all Muslim.

It is time for the government to truly fight the war on terrorism. Hunt down the Islamo-Facists in this country, not just the ones hiding working in McDonalds, but the Imam's who preach hatred and Death to America on American soil. They should all be deported under the Sedition Act of 1798.

We are fighting a war here folks, and it is not a war for foreign land, it is a war for our survival and the continuation of the values we hold most dear: Liberty, Justice, and Freedom.

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 Happy Fourth!
Enjoy the barbecues and the fireworks. Please be safe, don't drink and drive, and if you light your own fireworks, be smart, careful and considerate. For some reason, it was determined that it is now legal to sell and use fireworks in PA. While it may be fine in the PA hinterlands, Philadelphia is the typical densely populated city, and too many morons are lighting fireworks near too many houses and late into the night. My son usually goes to sleep around 9:30, but the past few nights have had him go down well later due to the fireworks. Setting off explosives at 11:00 is not the most neighborly thing you can do.

Remember why we celebrate this day, and if you are unsure, pack your bags and move to Canada.

The picture below is the flag from the rear of the USS Cole, docked at Penns Landing, Philadelphia.

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 Mandating Afro-Centric Self-Esteem. Where's the Math?
Recently, I was asked to contribute to The Tocquevillian Online Magazine. I addressed the racist load of crock the School District of Philadelphia is instituting as a graduation requirement.

CLICK THIS LINK to read the article.

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 Heroes in Philadelphia and the Live 8 Sham

No, this is not your typical post about Live 8, although I will get to that later.

The real heroes were located at Penns Landing. Nearly 3 miles away from the Live 8 Concert, the brave men an women of the Guided Missile Cruiser USS Cole were docked in Philadelphia. I had the opportunity to bring my son to see a true piece of history. While he is only 2 years old, one could see the awe and wonder in his face standing beside this massive display of America's strength.

Do you remember October 12, 2000? The USS Cole was attacked by Al-Qaida Terrorists while refueling at port in Yemen. (This was the SIXTH terrorist attack against the United States during Clinton's term, but he was too busy getting hummers in the Oval Office to bring those responsible to justice.) 17 brave men and women lost their lives in service to their country and another 36 were wounded because of this attack. However, in November of 2003 the USS Cole returned to duty in defending the country from aggressors.

On the other side of the city, over 1 million people turned out to hear the liberal propaganda machine at its best. Sure why not forgive the debt of the African nations? Because it costs money! Whose money? The citizens and taxpayers or those countries who forgive the debt. It must have been easy for these multi-millionaires to sing few a songs telling the average hard working person what should happen with their money.

It is naive of Geldoff and his cronies to think that the forgiveness of a few Billion dollars will bring these countries out of poverty. If anything, it will only serve to strengthen the stranglehold the dictatorial regimes posses over their people. If they don't have the debt to repay, you can bet the warlords will buy more weapons or mercenaries to plunder the land and enslave their people. Wholesale governmental reforms must occur before any changes in Africa can occur.

Finally, is any more proof needed that the Hollywood Left are a bunch of socialists. Ending world poverty is a noble cause, but can never exist in a capitalist system. Capitalism is not a perfect system, but it is the best system we have. There must be haves and have-nots, employed and unemployed in capitalism. Full employment is calculated at 4%, because the system would collapse if there was ever 0% unemployment.

If relieving the plight of these nations is so important, why don't the artists take some of their royalties out of the tax shelters and put it where their mouth is and send it to the nations they pretend to help.

I am sick of sending my hard earned money over seas and am against foreign aid, especially when we have so many problems of our own.

The founding fathers created the Constitution, "For ourselves and our posterity. . ." That does not include citizens of foreign nations.

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 Let the Fight Begin
Sandra Day O'Connor announced her retirement today, and Arlen Spector was seen buying boxing gloves at a down town sporting goods store.

This is going to be a battle for the ages. The liberals feel they have some kind of higher mandate since they are the minority in both houses of Congress. Yes, I said that correctly, since they are the minority they feel they can break from senate tradition and hold up government for an undisclosed time in a possible filibuster. This time, I hope the Republicans let them do it. A Supreme Court Justice nomination will garner much more news coverage than did the previous appellate bench nominations. Good, let the Dems look like obstructionist. They did it before the civil war, and during the civil rights legislation debates of the 1950's and 60's.

Bush's recommendation will probably be similar to Day O'Connor. A centrist with a conservative slant, but what this court needs is a hard line originalist to balance out the far lefties already on the court. I fear that Bush does not have the stones to do that though and it will be business as usual on the beltway.

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