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 In the News
As I am sitting here recovering from surgery, I am trying to figure out why I am paying so much for cable TV when there is nothing on. But I was anxious for the Space Shuttle Launch so I watched Fox News and have a couple of insights to share since there were a lot of big stories today.

The Space Shuttle

I was really hoping to be typing a post as to how great America is that after 2.5 years, we recover and are going back to space. Alas, the launch may be delayed at the worst until October because of a design flaw in the fuel sensors. Hopefully this can go off in the next few days but certainly the safety of the crew is the number one priority.

The will be a Season

The NHLPA and the Owners agreed in principle on an agreement to end the lockout and have a 2005-06 Season. I am an avid Flyers fan and can not wait for the puck to drop as well as be able to write some hockey posts.

25 Years in Jail

Bernard Ebbers, former CEO of WorldCom, was sentenced to 25 years is jail, which is essentially a life sentence since he already 63 years old. Frankly though, this is not enough considering the thousands of pensions and retirements he destroyed. Every piece of property he owns should be sold and distributed among the former employees and shareholders of WorldCom.

Finally, The Karl Rove Scandal

Funny how when there is a Republican in office the democrats think the Independent Counsel is a great idea. Though in this case, they are investigating an aide to the President, not the President himself. I think Bush is saying what he is supposed to say,basically, this is still an ongoing investigation and we need to wait to see where it leads before he makes any decision. Honestly, what else can he say. He needs to stand by his man until the all the evidence comes out.

It would seem to me that the Democrats are calling for Rove's head since it was his direction that allowed the Republicans to defeat Gore and Kerry. Still not over it Dems? Allow the investigation to go on is the proper way to go. If it comes out that Rove did leak the name of a covert CIA agent, Bush should not have to fire him. He should resign and face prison time.

I'm off to continue recuperating and watch MacGyver reruns on Spike TV.

Posted by Paul @ 3:51 PM 4 comments