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Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today's world do not have.

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 Philly's Finest at Work
Tonight, in my attempt to make this a worthwhile blog, I headed downtown to get some pictures of the beautiful Philadelphia Skyline. Unfortunately, I was sidetracked at 8:00, as a witness for a hit and run accident.

A woman was changing lanes and did not see the car that would crush her door and send her to the hospital. As I pulled to a stop, he sped away. Fortunately, I was able to get the make, model and a portion of the license plate. After a call to 911, two fire engines, and ambulance and a police car were at the scene with 2 minutes. 90 minutes later, I gave a statement to the police and was able to go. I had my son and wife with me and really could not do what I wanted to in regards with the skyline, but I was able to get some pictures of the brave men of the Philadelphia Fire and Police Departments using the jaws of life and nearly every tool in their arsenal to free the driver.

The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital. On a positive note, the police found the car that fled the scene and were searching for the driver.

Posted by Paul @ 11:29 PM 0 comments

 Memorial Day
While you are enjoying your cheeseburger, or the sunny day at the beach, or tofu burger for the PETA members, please don't forget the real reason why you have the day off from work.

Memorial Day began in 1868 by a General John Logan with General Order Number 11 with the original purpose to decorate the graves of those fallen men during the Civil War. The remembrance grew to cover those men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country in all wars. In 2000, Congress enacted a National Moment of Silence at 3:00 on Memorial Day.

Whether or not you agree with the current War on Terror, men and women serving our country will be in fox holes, tanks, ships at sea or jets in the sky protecting your right to agree or disagree and express your feelings either way. Spend a few moments to honor those who gave their lives to create and build this country. If you see men or women in uniform, please thank them. They are the reason you can sleep at night without fear from foreign forces.

If I am honored enough to have military personel reading this, I thank you for all you do. May God bless you and keep you safe.

For additional information on Memorial Day or supporting the military please visit US Memorial Day History or America Supports You.

Posted by Paul @ 5:25 PM 0 comments

 Good Riddance
Gregory Scott Johnson's life was ended by lethal injection at 12:28 am on May 25th. Why should I care considering my support for the death penalty? Because this waste wanted to atone for his wrong doing by donating a portion of his liver to his sister who has been diagnosed with non-alcohol cirrhosis. This has been a big deal with the media and the do-gooder lefties saying he should be granted a reprieve to be able to donate. What they neglected to bring out was that Mr. Johnson has hepatitis B and is too fat to be a viable donor. Since hep. B is a disease of the liver, what would make anybody think that it would have been a good idea for him to donate?

The final blow is that, before his sentence was carried out, Mr. Johnson wrote, "There are those who claim that Debbie will have a new liver three weeks after being placed on the list. I'll be watching from above and expect her to be recuperating at that time." I hope his sister does receive her surgery and lives a long happy life. However, I highly doubt this criminal will be with the heavenly angels for beating and stomping an 82 year old woman to death, and setting her home ablaze in an attempt to conceal his heinous act.

Posted by Paul @ 9:41 AM 0 comments

 Are You Kidding Me
Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the Western Allied bombing of Dresden during World War Two stating that civilians should not have been targeted in this way since there was no military reason for the bombing. What exactly was the Soviet's military reasoning for the rape and murder of thousands of German citizens after the fall of Berlin? What was German's military for the use of the non-guided rockets against England? It is this type of Euro-Hand Holding that continues to make me believe that we are among the few sane nations let in this world. WW2 was a gruesome period in world history. It was the only major modern war in which civilian areas were considered viable military targets by all combatants. Dresden, London, Leningrad, Tokyo, Singapore, the Philippines and many others were all victims of their attackers. Why exactly would Mr. Putin choose such an item during an interview to a German Newspaper regarding the commemoration of the end of the war, if not to be divisive and continue to separate himself from the US. states, "Putin said the civilian population in Germany had suffered greatly during the war but said it was not the Soviets’ fault." You may be right Mr. Putin, but neglect to comment about the thousands of women that were raped in Berlin after the war, and you conveniently fail to recollect the nearly 45 years of tyrannical rule in East Germany after the war. When will our President realize that Putin and the other socialist European leaders are not our friends? Their best days will always be history, but if the US is not careful, we too will read about the past greatness that was America.

Posted by Paul @ 9:31 PM 1 comments