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 Presidential Address
Remember all the lefty, tree hugging birkenstock fruits who were against the "War for Oil". Where are they now? If they can change their reasons for the war why can't the president?

On a more serious note, the president was correct on three major points in his speech I must address.

1) There has not been an attack in the US since 9/11. That could be for one of two reasons. It takes a number of years for the terrorists to plan the attacks. Or, because of our attacks, the terrorists are concentrating on fighting our troops in Iraq as opposed to fighting us in our homeland. I would like to believe the later be fear the earlier statement. With such porous borders and our concentration elsewhere, an attack may be likely. I pray not though.

2) Leaving Iraq now would be detrimental to the stability of the region and an insult to the brave men and women who already gave their lives in this struggle. If we leave now, the Iraqi forces are not strong enough to defend their country yet, the terrorists will surely overtake the land and create another Taliban state.

3) Honor our men and women in uniform. Too often I hear the people against the war, "I am against the war because I support our troops." That makes no sense to me. If you support the troops, you need to support the action in which they are currently involved. Let them do their job to finish and get home. That means stop supporting the enemy by asking for the closure of Gitmo, and demanding a military tribunal every time a troop sneezes. The media needs to back off and stop reporting all the negative. It is time to report the positive and give the country at large a reason to cheer.

Colin Powell is stating as telling the Bush Administration before the Iraq War that Iraq is like a china shop, you break it you bought it. It would seem that Bush broke an entire cabinet, but I support his decision to go to war because I love this country and despise all those who would wish it harm, either domestic or foreign. I also have utmost respect or our men and women in uniform and pray for their safety and a swift end to the mission so they may return home. May God's graces shine upon them all, and may God bless America.

Posted by Paul @ 8:47 PM 0 comments

 Supreme Court Says What?
In a ruling today, the highest court in the land decided to state that it is ok to have public displays of religion, or did they rule it was not ok to have public displays of religion? I was pretty confused by this one, and since I am not a constitutional attorney I am not going to delve too far into this one.

Here is my problem with the rulings. Why do the courts continually present the idea of "separation of church and state"? No where in the Constitution do those words exist. The First Amendment does state the congress shall make no laws establishing a religion nor prohibit the free exercise of religion.

That amendment was created to avoid the creation of an American church, similar to the Anglican Church of England. How exactly is having a Ten Commandments listed in a court room a violation of that clause. The court is merely identifying the building block of American laws.

By having such religious items removed, if anything they are prohibiting one to freely exercise his or her religion.

These rulings are establishing the creation of an American religion. Or should I say the lack of religion. By removing every item of Judeo-Christian law, images and texts from our society, the liberals are establishing the rule of Atheism in our country. If these ruling continue the God who sheds his grace on us will turn his light on another nation. If God is not on our side, then who is!

Posted by Paul @ 8:12 PM 12 comments

 Microcosm of a Season
The Philadelphia Phillies followed an 11 - 1 home stand with a 3 - 8 drop-off, the culmination of which was a sweep at home at the hands of the Boston Red Sox. Not only did the Sox embarrass the players on the field, the Sox fans over took Citizen's Bank Park. Since the Phils are so awful, hometown fans could only nod their heads at the insults spat by the visiting fans.

The final game of the series sums up an entire season. They stunk in the beginning going down 7 - 0 at one point. The middle was the big tease, they actually came back tied it at 8 all. Just like the tease of the previous home stand. Then, when they really need to hunker down and get a win, they fall short and don't have their "best stuff".

Or could it be the current manager is the biggest moron in this town since Rich Kotite. Did anyone else notice that it took the manager to get ejected for the Phils to come back?

Posted by Paul @ 7:28 PM 2 comments

 Liberals For the Common Man?
I thought liberals touted themselves as supporting the common man, the working Joe, the guy who strives to own a piece of America. Not big business. After all, wasn't it the Bush tax cuts them supported big business, not the average hard American? Until Thursday that is, when in a disgraceful decision that wreaks of the worst of dictatorships and tyranny, the Liberal members of the Supreme Court sided with big business.

The liberal members of the court, including one out of touch Justice Kennedy, gave the ok for cities to kick you out of your home. Not to cure blight, not to create a highway, but to support businesses. As in the case of New London, CT, the city is stealing people's property to but an industrial park for Pfizer and a shopping mall. I/m, sure jus what the citizens of New London really want.

I can only imagine the following diatribe:

Mayor Street: calm and monotonous as usual "We will be taking your property to build a Wawa. It is important for the city to have a Wawa on every street to make getting that morning coffee easier and to provide jobs for all the young people in the city. We will also be taking your neighbor's house to build a Commerce Bank. They are the nation's most convenient bank and we think that having one on every corner of the city would truly make that the case." aside Plus they are giving me $50,000 for every new bank they build in the city! Talk about pay for play! Ha Ha Ha

Of course we all know this will not happen in Philadelphia thanks to the incredibly high business "privilege" tax. What business wants to move here?

I digress.

This action by the liberal, or should I say Stalinist, members of the Supreme Court is detrimental to the fabric of America. America has always stood for private ownership and the protection of one's homestead. The Preamble to the Constitution states the role of the More Perfect Union should be to "promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. . ." Whose welfare is protected by this action by the court? Oh yeah, a multi-billion dollar corporation. Whose liberty is more blessed? Right, the new Abercrombie and Fitch that will be built where Johnny Jr.'s playground once stood.

Kathleen Sullivan, Head of Quinn Emanuel's Appellate Practice, "The decision made clear that what constitutes a public use of private property is a question better decided by local governments than federal courts." While I agree with that statement to a degree, this ruling does not address public property, this is a commercial development.

This ruling gave local governments the ability to remove people from their homes without discretion. It was Lord Acton who said, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Giving this power to already corrupt city governments will lead to the continued loss of liberties by the citizens of this great nation.

Posted by Paul @ 7:28 AM 0 comments

 Those Evil Republicans?
Remember the tax cuts from a few years ago, you recall, the tax cuts that would only benefit the rich? Guess what, those tax cuts actually helped the poorest Americans. reports, "Fully 32.4 percent of Americans paid no taxes at all for tax year 2004, up from 25.2 percent in 2000, according to a new report from the Tax Foundation. Before you start screaming about the rich shirking their fair share of the federal tax burden, know this: The people who don't pay taxes are primarily low-income, young, female-headed households who work part-time and are beneficiaries of the $1,000 per-child tax credit or the Earned Income Credit.

"Tax Foundation economists say that the 32.4 percent who pay no taxes after they took advantage of perfectly legal tax credits and deductions translates into a record 42.5 million Americans. But it doesn't end there. Approximately 15 million individuals and families earned some income in 2004, but it was so little they didn't have to file a tax return. That brings the total to 57.5 million who pay nothing. And we're not done yet. One tax return often represents several people so when the dependents are included in this no-tax sum, it amounts to roughly 120 million Americans or 40 percent of the U.S. population. And that doesn't count the millions who paid just a very small amount in taxes."

Here's the problem, even though it was the republicans who empowered these people with more of their own money, what are the odds that anyone will give the Bush Administration any credit for assisting all Americans with his tax cut. These are the people Democrats target with their entitlements and payoffs. Naturally they won't give the conservatives their due for truly helping those most in need by letting them keep more of their own money! Its time the lower classes truly learn who is working for them. Not a party of handouts and entitlements, but the republican party, who let's you keep more of your own money to use as you see fit.

This should be a lesson to all Americans in the next elections, you can keep more of your own money, lower corporate and personal income taxes, and as my previous blog stated, increase revenues and lower the deficit. All the dooms-dayers and nay-sayers should give credit where credit is due.

Posted by Paul @ 8:28 PM 0 comments

 Reparations Primer #1
Fortunately, city council voted down Goode's request for reparations by banks. By one vote. Thank God!

I recently began occasionally listening to 900am calling themselves the "Voice of the City". My question is, the voice of what city? Just like people that disagree with Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh but listen to them anyway, I am very curious about how a group with differing opinions sees city, national and international politics. All too often conversations revolve around reparations and what the government and businesses need to or should do to compensate blacks today for slavery. There is no voice in this city and a minimal voice nationally for groups against reparations.

I will be doing a series of posts to cover the current state of reparations. If reparations are given, the net result will be purely negative. Nothing good can come from the government doling out money to a specific group of people for a legal institution that ended 140 years ago.

What are reparations?

Merriam Webster Online defines reparations as, "The act of making amends, offering expiation, or giving satisfaction for a wrong or injury, something done or given as amends or satisfaction."

H. Khalif Khalifah of the National Black Reparations Alliance states "Reparations is the payment by a criminal to heal the injury that he caused in the commission of his crime."

I can agree with both statements in principle. Take a look at the Enron situation. The leadership of that failed company should be required to sell everyone of their possessions and close every account to be turned over to those people who lost their retirement.

Mr. Khalifah states that reparations are paid by the criminal. Who is the criminal? Those people who owned slaves are long dead, as are the victims of slavery. Is the criminal the slave owners or the tribal leaders in Africa who sold people into bondage? What a crime committed? I will explore all of these points and more.

Let me first address my question of was a crime committed. Slavery is wrong and should not have been allowed. Today, slavery is a crime, both in our own country and internationally. However, it was not until the end of the Civil War that slavery was made illegal. You can not say the government is the criminal. The US Constitution states that you can not be held liable for a crime that occurred before actions made it illegal. The state of New Jersey passed a law outlawing the use of a cell phone while driving. Is the state going to go back a ticket everyone who previously drove in the state with a cell phone? No, that is illegal. So how can the government be held liable for something that was not illegal when it occurred?

It was the culture in Africa at the time, and is still part of the culture today to have slaves. Tribal leaders, warring factions, and fighting nations all capture their enemy and hold them as slaves. Without the ability to acquire slaves through those people, slavery could not have been supported. Because of liberal slanted American History classes, people today have this idea that Dutch or English slave traders roamed through the African serengeti taking people from their homes. That was not the case. The slave traders traded for the slaves in Africa then sold them in other countries.

The next post will address, "Why Punish Me".

Posted by Paul @ 5:23 PM 0 comments

 Benefits of Tax Cuts
Not only is there more money in my own pocket, but apparently there is more money in the government coffers as well. Yahoo News reported today that the government broke the one day record for tax receipts collecting $61 Billion in one day. Crushing the old record of $56 Billion. The deficit is also going down:

The government's coffers have been swelling this year as tax receipts from both individuals and corporations have been on the rise, reflecting an improving economy. Because of those increases, this year's federal deficit is expected to fall to around $350 billion, down from the $413 billion record in dollar terms set in 2004.

I still think government is too large and that cuts in government spending are needed to subside the deficit and allow the continued reduction of taxes. This however is a good sign that the economy is strong and the tax revenues are increasing.

Posted by Paul @ 11:15 PM 0 comments

 Reparations - Not So Goode
As if it were not difficult enough to conduct business in Philadelphia, with the highest city wage tax in the nation and the so-called business "privilege" tax, industry continues to find new reasons to house their businesses outside of the city borders. Then comes councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr., son of the infamous Mayor Goode whose budgets nearly bankrupted the city, who bombed and torched an entire city block, and was re-elected. Goode Jr. believes that any bank in which the city deposits money should not only apologize if they took part in slavery, but now, with Council Bill 050615 that bank should also list detailed reparations made to African Americans.

Mr. Goode's current victim is Wachovia Financial. The following quote is taken from a press release by Peter Flaherty of the National and Legal Policy Center.

"According to the report, Wachovia merged with, acquired or absorbed some 400 banks since 1781. A total of two banks were identified as having transactions involving slaves prior to the Civil War, which ended 140 years ago. The Georgia Railroad and Banking Company owned 162 slaves and the Bank of Charleston accepted 529 slaves as collateral on loans.

The Wachovia statement reads, in part, 'We are deeply saddened by these findings. We apologize to all Americans, and especially to African Americans and people of African descent.'"

This action is a disgrace on numerous levels and reparations will be discussed on a future blog. That's the great thing about capitalism Mr. Goode, if you don't want to do business with a particular bank, find another one, there is one on nearly every corner in Center City.

I have contacted Mr. Goode's office and requested to know why he has introduced this bill. I need to know why prices may increase to cover reparations especially when I nor my ancestors had nothing to do with slavery. I will persist until I have an answer I can give on this site. I urge you to contact your councilperson to vote against Bill 050615.

Posted by Paul @ 7:25 PM 0 comments

 $7.5 Million Mistake
Mike Lieberthal, the mediocre at best Phillies catcher, who makes a whopping $7.5 million this year and again next year, made a crucial mistake in last nights game. In the second inning with the Phillies up 2 runs, and with ONE out, Jimmy Rollins flies out to left field. It should have been a routine play except for the fact that Lieberthal took off from second like there were two outs, so he was doubled off! Even the worst little league player does not make that mistake, let alone someone whose job it is to know how many outs there are. Heck when I played softball, the first and third base coaches would tell the runners. Jeez, Lieberthal could have looked at any of the numerous scoreboards around the stadium to find out how many outs there were.

I know the Phils are on a good streak now, and I am happy and want to see them win, but it are the little things like this that make me believe the Phils will end up tearing out our hearts like they have done in all but 8 seasons in their over 122 year history.

Posted by Paul @ 9:18 AM 2 comments

 Premier Hillary?
This is the first in what I am sure will be a large number of Hillary Clinton comments. Part of me wants Hillary to run for president just because it will make posting this blog so easy. The other part of me is scared that there are enough people out there who would actually vote for this Socialist Party Candidate.

Fox News quotes Hillary stating "There has never been an administration, I don't believe, in our history more intent upon consolidating and abusing power to further their own agenda," she said of President Bush." REALLY?!?

The abuses by the the Clinton Adminstration would use up all the available memory on this blog. But let me highlight a few of the better power grabs by Slick Willy and Premier Hillary.

1) Sold military secrets to China for funds to solidfy the presidential run in 1996.
2) Hundreds of last minute executive orders and pardons for anyone who would pay up.
3) Carpet Bagging move to a county in NY state in just enough time to run for the senate.
4) Harassed women who were about to speak out against Slick Willy's sexual advances to not come out.

The list can go on, but these are the most blatant power grabs. Won't someone in NY stand up against her in the senate, please?

This is not sexist, I have no objection to a woman president, but am scared to death of a socialist diguised as a middle of the road democrat. Wait, are there any middle of the road democrats?

Posted by Paul @ 8:10 PM 0 comments

 Islamo-Fascist Hypocrisy
The news in recent weeks has been inundated with reports of abuse of the Koran by US troops at Guantanamo Bay. This caused numerous detractions by Newsweek and an investigation by the US military structure resulting in relatively mild accidental incidents concerning of the Koran. What is most disheartening is the number of riots this caused in the Muslim world, including the death of 17 people. So what is worse, accidentally kicking the Koran, or blowing up a mosque, during a religious ceremony, with hundreds of Muslims, and their Korans.

I can't figure this out. If a US troop were to put an M-80 in a Koran and threatened to blow it apart as part of questioning, that would be wrong. But destroying a holy structure, killing dozens of Muslims, and burning numerous Korans is ok? This just shows the hypocrisy and danger that is built into the Islamo-Fascist Movement.

The good Muslims do not speak out loud enough against these movements. The Imams are either in bed with the terrorists or they support the terrorist by not standing up against them. I believe the only way we will see a true change in the Muslim world is when the leaders within the religion stand-up and denigrate those who continue to do the religion the most harm. If Islam is a peaceful religion, as the media tells us, and I would like to believe, then it is time for those men and women of peace to stand up and fight for their religion.

Posted by Paul @ 9:16 AM 0 comments

 Sports Update
Will the real Philadelphia Phillies please stand up?

Is this a tease or has the team finally come together as expected over three years ago?

The Phils recently swept the SF Giants, but should that be an indicator of this team's ability considering the Giants are awful. The offense has been effective, even without Thome in the lineup. The starting pitching has been the best in years, but the middle relief is still a big question. If the relief pitching turns out to be the down fall of this team, it just furthers the case that Ed Wade is a completely inept GM. He let two of the better relief pitchers or this team go for nothing in the of season.

I want the Phils to succeed and win, but Ed Wade needs to go and if the Phils do win this year, the likelihood of that happening will be slim.

NHL I miss you!

A spring without Flyers playoff action has really made me long for the dropping of the puck.

I have a real beef with local sports channel Comcast SportsNet. While the NHL has not played a game, the Flyers AHL affiliate, the Philadelphia Phantoms are up 1 game to 0 in the Calder Cup Championships. One game of the entire playoffs has been aired. Why! I would absolutely love to watch hockey in any form right now. If if the second rate sports cities like Columbus, Nashville or don't feel like dropping some coin on quality players, then get out of the league. The strike can not continue past the summer, I need Hockey this fall.

Posted by Paul @ 3:14 PM 0 comments

 Stop Illegal Immigration
A news report on outlines Condolizza Rice's speech regarding the US concerns of other nations who fail to prevent human trafficking. Human trafficking is a terrible occurrence and should not happen anywhere in the world. Why are we sending 96 million dollars to other nations to assist in preventing human trafficking when our own borders leak like a sieve. First of all, 3 nations on the list are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE. I hardly think they need our money! Second, Thousands of people illegally cross the Mexican American border daily. Whether they are going to work, drug trafficking, looking for welfare, or terrorists, our government must start to be concerned with our own national security. Of course, there are legislature who believe the solution would be to give special work passes, or even driver's licenses to illegals. Since when can our government support an illegal activity with a legal one? When people are pandering for votes, that's when. If we give them licenses since there is the motor-voter law, what's to say they could not vote? The sovereignty of our nation will be subject to how many illegals can cross into the most populous states, TX and CA, and control the vote. Maybe that's why Vicente Fox gets ticked off every time we try and control our borders . Is there a Mexican conspiracy to take back the land the US won after the Mexican American War?

It is time for the US to stop dropping money to every nation and worry about ourselves. I propose a 60 foot electrified steel fence dug 30 feet into the ground and extending 30 feet up. That would stop it! It is also time for the ignorant state and federal legislature to work to stop illegal immigration instead of pandering to it. What is it going to take. A terrorist crossing the border with a dirty nuke, renting a car using a driver's license he legally obtained?

Posted by Paul @ 8:06 AM 2 comments