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 Liberals For the Common Man?
I thought liberals touted themselves as supporting the common man, the working Joe, the guy who strives to own a piece of America. Not big business. After all, wasn't it the Bush tax cuts them supported big business, not the average hard American? Until Thursday that is, when in a disgraceful decision that wreaks of the worst of dictatorships and tyranny, the Liberal members of the Supreme Court sided with big business.

The liberal members of the court, including one out of touch Justice Kennedy, gave the ok for cities to kick you out of your home. Not to cure blight, not to create a highway, but to support businesses. As in the case of New London, CT, the city is stealing people's property to but an industrial park for Pfizer and a shopping mall. I/m, sure jus what the citizens of New London really want.

I can only imagine the following diatribe:

Mayor Street: calm and monotonous as usual "We will be taking your property to build a Wawa. It is important for the city to have a Wawa on every street to make getting that morning coffee easier and to provide jobs for all the young people in the city. We will also be taking your neighbor's house to build a Commerce Bank. They are the nation's most convenient bank and we think that having one on every corner of the city would truly make that the case." aside Plus they are giving me $50,000 for every new bank they build in the city! Talk about pay for play! Ha Ha Ha

Of course we all know this will not happen in Philadelphia thanks to the incredibly high business "privilege" tax. What business wants to move here?

I digress.

This action by the liberal, or should I say Stalinist, members of the Supreme Court is detrimental to the fabric of America. America has always stood for private ownership and the protection of one's homestead. The Preamble to the Constitution states the role of the More Perfect Union should be to "promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. . ." Whose welfare is protected by this action by the court? Oh yeah, a multi-billion dollar corporation. Whose liberty is more blessed? Right, the new Abercrombie and Fitch that will be built where Johnny Jr.'s playground once stood.

Kathleen Sullivan, Head of Quinn Emanuel's Appellate Practice, "The decision made clear that what constitutes a public use of private property is a question better decided by local governments than federal courts." While I agree with that statement to a degree, this ruling does not address public property, this is a commercial development.

This ruling gave local governments the ability to remove people from their homes without discretion. It was Lord Acton who said, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Giving this power to already corrupt city governments will lead to the continued loss of liberties by the citizens of this great nation.

Posted by Paul @ 7:28 AM 0 comments