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 Minimal New Posts
As I fight with Gateway to figure out why I need to send my entire computer to them costing over $40 for a $5 part they can just send me and I can put in myself, I will be unable to post for a while as I am really busy at work.

I'll check in when I can and view my buddies and if I can get a way from my family for a little bit to head to the desktop and do some research, I'll post when I can, but it will be sporadic until the laptop is fixed. And Gateway will get trashed here unless they wake up and do what is right.

My laptop is the 3rd Gateway Computer I bought, and I have been a big supporter of them in the past. This is just ridiculous though.

Posted by Paul @ 8:51 AM 1 comments

 Liberal Republicans
It's funy how during the 2004 campaign Bush threw around the word liberal like it was a mortal sin to be liberal. However, he has proven to be no better than the tax a spend Deomcrats of days past. Republicans have the White House, the House and the Senate, why can't they pass laws that give support to the true conservatives that put them in office. I was one of those people who supported the Republicans because the Democrats scare the hell out of me, but I can't do that anymore because the the Liberal wing of the Republicans scare me too.

Look what the Democrats did when Johnson was President. The pushed through their socialist legislation which created the entitlement generations in this country. The Republicans had the chance to reverse that damage, but have only added fuel to the fire. I can't support a President, who calls himself a Republican, but is in the back pocket of special interests, entitlements and corporations.

What has finally gotten my ire? I am sick of these stinking gas prices. Sure, you can blame the environmentalists nut jobs and over regulation that makes it impossible to build a new refinery in this country, but there is one problem with that. The Republicans could give all those groups the finger and change the legislation and regulations to enact real change in this country, yet have chosen not to do so.

What does Bush and the Republicans do, they create a bogus energy bill, highlighted by a 14 Billion Dollar, that $14,000,000,000, subsidy to oil companies. Just what they need considering the record profits they posted in the second quarter of this year and the fourth, third and second quarters of 2004 and are projected to make in the remainder of this year and in 2006. We are already paying through the nose for gas, and now are paying oil companies again through subsidies paid for by our tax dollars. That money should have gone to us, the tax payers. The Gasoline Excise tax generated approximately 20 billion in revenue in 2000 (It took me an hour to find that number, if anyone has anything more current I would appreciate it. Makes me feel like the government is trying to hide this info.) Why not eliminate the 18.4 cents per gallon tax to alleviate the consumers? The additional 6 Billion could have been made up if they trmmed the fat off the bill. No, let's run a higher deficit by giving money to corporations that don't need it. What happened to the tried and true conservative ideology of lowering the tax burden?

I'll tell you, it is out the window along with the out of control budget and debt. I voted for Bush for three main reasons, the reduction of taxes, private social security accounts and real tort reform, and as it stands now, even though there is a majority in the house and senate, it looks like none of that will happen.

Right now, the Republicans are no better in my book than the tax and spend liberals of days past. Thanks for wasting more of my money!

Posted by Paul @ 8:00 PM 3 comments

 Politics and War - Oil and Water
Daily Kos felt it necessary to portray the Republican lack of support for the actions in Bosnia as a way of claiming that we should not have gone into Iraq for the same reasons. Then uses a cheeseball line at the end, "Funny thing is, we won that war without a single killed in action." I would hardly call that a war, more a series of air strikes. Since we have the greatest Air Force in the world, only one plane was shot down. No ground troops were engaged in battle. No wonder there were no US Casualties.

Let's look at quotes from some of the people who supported the Action in Bosnia and are vitriolic in regards to Iraq.

Senator Joe Biden - In a speech in 1999 on the action, "Let us look at what happened. To spare you any suspense, I think we did the right thing in our seventy-eight day air campaign, and we succeeded. The war against Milosevic was of great consequence. If NATO had not acted, the results, I believe, would have been grave."

Our favorite, Howard Dean has two wonderful quotes.

- "Intervention to stop genocide which is why I supported President Clinton's invasions in, and sending of troops to Bosnia and Kosovo."
- "All the effort we went to go after Saddam, who was never an imminent threat to the United States."

So the mass graves and torture chambers in Iraq were a mirage? Kurds and Shiites being gased are works of fiction? And exactly how much of a threat to US security was Milosevic?

How about Madeline Albright who said, "What's the use of having the world's best military when you don't get to use them?"

Where was the outrage when the Chinese Embassy was bombed, an Albanian Refugee Convoy was attacked and 14 civilians were killed at the Serbian TV, and at the resulting 1500 Civilian deaths I don't remember any baby killer signs or parents sitting outside Martha's Vineyard waiting for an audience with Clinton. (Although he probably would have invited the mothers in.)

There was no UN support for this action, something the democrats demanded out of Iraq, and there was no congressional support for submitting troops in action.

What does this say to me? Reading Kos's comments and the research I did, politics has no place in war. The party out of power is going to oppose any action by the sitting president (although the democrats largely did support action in Afghanistan.)

When it comes to the security of the nation, perceived or immediate and the lives of the brave men and women in uniform. Set politics aside and being a proud American should be first and foremost.

Posted by Paul @ 11:44 AM 0 comments

 Garbage Survey
How do Democrats get you to support them? They manipulate the facts and force you agree with them. Case in point.

Philadelphia is currently in a struggle to lose its expanding restaurant industry by removing the free market, economic pressures and instituting the illegalization of a legal activity. I am not a smoker, although I do enjoy a good cigar now and then, but am against the expansion of government regulations that could drastically change the economics of this great city. Believe it or not, Philadelphia had the most 4 and 5 star restaurants of any city besides New York. Le Bec Fin, Morimoto's, The Striped Bass and Susanna Foo's are just a few of the greats eateries the city offers. Regulation such as the City Council is proposing would cause bars and restaurants to leave the city to follow their customers outside the city.

If there are so many people that are against smoking in restaurants, then why are more non-smoking places not popping up?

But, his measure has failed 3 times, and now John Street is attempting to elicit the citizens with a bogus survey. Check out this junk survey on

This just goes to show that surveys of a political nature can be manipulated to garner any desired response, especially with yes/no responses. For example, check out question #5.

5) Should we just let the FREE MARKET work? Will people go to facilities which fail to adequately protect them from cigarette smoke? This idiotic question is completely counterproductive. Yes, we should just let the free market work, and No people will not go places which would fail them. That is the benefit of the free market, morons.

It does me proud when I can evidence how narrow-minded the city's administration is. Which one of John Street's Family members got paid to create this survey?

Posted by Paul @ 7:16 PM 4 comments

 Who Will the Eagles Miss Most?
Since the first half of the Eagles game is fresh in my mind, I wanted to make one critical point. Sure, it is the first preseason game, but the Eagles miss Ike Reese more than any player at this point. The special teams gave up a punt return and a kick return for touchdowns in the first quarter, and looked awful throughout the game. He was the heart and soul of the special teams, and an all around great guy. I liked Ike, and was sorry to see him go, and wish he was still here, but Atlanta gave him the shot to be a starter which the Eagles could not do.

On a big positive, Reggie Brown looked really good in his first game against the Steelers first team defense.

Even though it is preseason, it is nice to watch football again.

Posted by Paul @ 9:55 PM 3 comments

 Appeasement Does Not Work
There are many on the left who claim the global war on terror is misguided, and we should appease the terrorists. Let's give them a daisy, a big hug, light a campfire and sing Kumbaya Allah.

I would like someone who believes this work one iota of historical evidence to suggest that this method work to end terrorism. One please. I have a few where it has not worked.

Everyone should now the whole Neville Chamberlain schtick from 1939 when he claimed, "Peace in our Time", by turning over the Sudetenland to Hitler. What happened? World War Two!

Let's look at the 90's. Clinton did nothing after The 6 terrorist attacks on his watch. Now, there is evidence that his Department of Defense cold have stopped 9/11. They were too worried about a PR issue though. I guess the families of the over 3,000 killed in the World Trade Center are sure glad Clinton did not get smeared any more.

Let's look at the last few days. Israel makes an appeasement and pulls out of settlements. Areas they rightfully acquired after defending herself from Arab attacks. So what does Hamas do?

First Hamas begins a power struggle with the PLO, claiming "Victory in Pushing Out the Infidels". Victory? Are you kidding me, it was a decision by the weak minded Sharon to pull out his people.

I quote from an
AP article on Yahoo

The main Palestinian militant group Hamas sent a thinly-veiled message to Abbas Friday, warning against any attempt to prevent its supporters from continuing the struggle against Israeli occupation.

"This army will continue to defend our homeland as long as one inch of Palestine remains occupied," Hamas leader in Gaza Mahmud Zahar told said.

Well, what exactly is Palestine? If I am not mistaken, does not Israel stand completely within what is thought of as Palestine?

Here is the kicker. The PLO is sending troops to monitor the withdrawal to prevent Hamas from firing rockets or shooting at retreating settlers. What? You were already appeased and wish to continue killing innocent women and children as they are forced to flee their homes. Nice.

See, appeasement does not work. It will never work. What will work? Dare I say, we have to kill all the terrorists before they kill us. Is there any other way, please someone, tell me another way!

Posted by Paul @ 8:42 AM 0 comments

 The Cindy Sheehan Saga
I don't know about you, but I am sick of this. This will not be a long post, only a poignant one, just a message to all of the left who want the President to talk to this opportunist, using her sons death to force an agenda. GET REAL!

I the President does have a "meeting" with her:

1) What would it accomplish? It won't bring her son back, and he will use the same rhetoric her has used since day one.

2) It would set an unparalleled precedent. You would have people camping everywhere wanting to talk to the President about something. Heck, I want to talk to him about why he is not pushing the privitazaion of social security, and why I need to get a second mortgage on my house to pay for gas, yet he just signed a subsidy to oil companies in his energy bill.

We're Americans, and we all have something to gripe about, but there is a limit to how far up the chain the gripe can go.

Posted by Paul @ 8:30 AM 0 comments

 New Addition
Many things in the world just lose their improtance when a miracle happens in your family. Today, I became an uncle. My niece, Anna Jean was brought into this world at 3:05 pm, 7 lbs. 5 oz., 20.5 inches. With everything that could go wrong from the moment of conception to birth, it is a blessing to have mother and baby doing great.

Posted by Paul @ 9:47 PM 4 comments

 T.O. Rhymes with V.O.
Just like the whiskey, too much TO gives me a headache. Shut up and play you spoiled, arrogant ass. I loved his play, was thrilled when he came here, but am sick at the way he claims he is doing this for his family and says the he respects the fans. If he respects the fans he would play and would have not skipped out on the autograph session at camp.

I would say for the Eagles to trade him, but I'm not sure we could get more than a sack of practice balls for him. With the shenanigans he is pulling now, who wants him. Yeah I want a Superbowl, but I'm not sure if we can win one with him here. Remember the film Full Metal Jacket, the Eagles vets should have pulled a code red on him in the locker room a la "Gomer Pyle". That may be the only thing to put his attitude in line.

Now, with Camp Owens outside his house the media should be bitch slapped too. You are playing right into hands, he wants you there, his ego needs you there. Go away, and maybe he'll get in line. To all the stupid people showing up at his house, get a life! Your presence shows support for his divisive, destructive attitude.

Finally, for a man that makes as much money as he does, maybe he needs the contract renegotiation to get Lawndoctor for his house. A house that nice and his lawn looks worse than a city ball field.

This rant was the aspirin for my headache. Thanks for reading.

Posted by Paul @ 6:36 PM 4 comments

 The A-Bomb and Hollywood
No this is not a post about the latest cinematic regurgitation from Hollywood, a la The Dukes of Hazard. This is a post about the Left Coast needing to shut up and stop trying to rewrite history. I think playing a president on TV gave Martin Sheen the impression that his words carry more weight now. If he would read a something other than a script he would realize that the A-Bomb saved hundreds of thousands of American and Japanese lives.

Estimates form the planners were around 100,000 American dead in the first day alone and possibly 1,000,000 dead during the fight for the island. The Citizens of Japan were ready to obey their emperor to the death. In fact the Japanese defense plan was entitled "The Glorious Death of One Hundred Million to Defend the National Polity. That's encouraging!

So then 100,000 dead from one bomb kind of makes sense then. Although, no wonder the liberals apply their revisionist history to this. Most people believe the needs of the many out weigh the wants of the few, but far liberal is just the opposite were the wants of the few take precedent over the needs of the many.

Here's my big question for the day though, why is Martin Sheen allowed to be on the advisory board of a terrorist organization? What is our country doing, I thought we were at war with terror. Sheen is on the advisory board of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Sounds like a nice group, but says otherwise.

"A pirate organization is more like it. Sporting the skull and crossbones, his black or battleship-gray ships sail menacingly through the waves. They are painted with the names of the boats Watson has rammed and sunk.

The ships are fitted with water cannons, a concrete-filled bow made for ramming, and an attachment dubbed the “can opener” that can tear open a boat’s hull. In his book Earth Warrior, David Morris writes that Watson wears a long bowie knife at his side and carries AK-47s on board. He blasts Richard Wagner’s rousing “Ride of the Valkyries” to herald his arrival and terrify his victims.

SSCS’s mission is to stop fishing of which it disapproves. Its preferred methods? Ramming and sinking fishing ships, throwing butyric acid on their decks, and firing machine guns. Watson argues that United Nations resolutions authorize him to commit violent acts. But he regularly interferes with fisherman and hunters who are committing no crime. He serves as judge, jury, and executioner -- while enjoying the same tax-exempt status as universities and churches."

This is a terrorist group that operates with under the guises of lawlessness. I didn't think the lefties liked such actions, what with them being against the Minutemen policing our borders. This nutjob kills people and destroys property and is lauded as a hero. The Minutemen patrol the border and call border control when they see an illegal, but they are seen as vigilantes. The fringe left is just getting more out of touch with the real American, some Democrats included, but are trying to turn us into their vegan, socialist, tree hugging, birkenstock wearing, atheistetheist ideal. I for one am sick of them thumbing their noses and telling me how I should live. That should not happen in my country.

Posted by Paul @ 11:06 PM 2 comments

 Almost There
I found a great site for color schemes online and will add it to the link section. I want to have a first class site, and to do that, want a special look. I think the backgound is nice, not to busy but gives a touch of Philly, and could be changed to reflect my mood. Say when the Eagles win the Superbowl or the Flyers win the Cup, or when Ed Rendell loses the 2006 election. I need to get the scheme for the posts just right, something eye-cathcing, but not busy. This takes time as I am sure you are all aware, and will be done soon.

The picture in the tite, of the back of the Philadelphia Art Museum and the historic Philadelphia Waterworks, is in my opinion one of the best pictures I have ever taken, pictures of my son aside of course. It is a beautuiful part of the city not many take time to appreciate since they are to busy driving past on the West River Drive, Kelly Drive or Schuylkill, pronounced skoo-kill, Expressway.

Thanks for your patience and I hope you will be as happy as I am with the final design.

Posted by Paul @ 9:20 AM 1 comments

 We're #1 We're #1
Philadelphia is finally the best in the nation. Not in sports, or tourism. No not in fine art or music. American Center for Voting Rights has stated the Philadelphia is the best when it comes too fraudulent elections! YEAH, woo hoo.

I guess that means we can count on Jesse Jackson and John Kerry coming to town to talk about the disenfranchised voters. Not likely since it is the democrat supporters doing the dirty deeds. What happened to every vote should count? Hypocrites!

Lets look at some of the findings of this Non-Partisan organization from their 386 page report. The first 78 pages is their findings report, the last 310 is evidence including police reports and documents distributed by campaign offices. I am not even going to address things like addresses being parking lots, people voting twice using absentee ballots and showing up to vote, etc.

First I should state their comments in regards to the GOP. They found that no, I repeat NO paid operative of the Republican Party committed any heinous acts to misdirect or intimidate a voter. Individuals not affiliated with the party did attempt some misdirection, such as distributing flyers telling people to vote on Wednesday. Not a big deal, since few people would be stupid enough to fall for that, but it is wrong none-the-less. The same can not be said of the democrats who used severe tactics to not allow every person to vote. However, some made sure every person, deceased, living civilian or incarcerated had the opportunity to vote two or three times, but suppressed the military vote. Even in hotly contested Ohio, the DNC's own Voting Rights Institute stated there was no evidence to support fraud that transferred votes from Kerry to Bush.

The examples of fraud are rampant and insulting to me as an American. Any organization that supports such action should be prosecuted. Including:

A NAACP voting worker paid crack cocaine for fraudulent registration cards including the names of Dick Tracy, and Jive Turkey.

Choose to Vote paid “volunteers” for each democrat or independent voter but nothing for republican voters.

Jim Fleischmann of ACORN is quoted as saying, “Just because you register someone 35 times doesn’t mean the get to vote 35 time. . . “ What? This group is credited with thousands of fraudulent voter registrations in Colorado alone. In Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Missouri ACORN did not send in thousands of voter registrations in which the singer was registered Republican. was issued injunctions and restraining orders for their intimidating tactics including: photographing Bush voters and their license plates, giving free coffee to Kerry voters, shouted obscenities to voters in the booths, which is within the 100 feet limit.

Members of the AFL-CIO broke the arm of a Republican campaign worker when he tried to prevent them from storming a campaign office. In a coordinated 20 city attack, Bush-Cheney campaign offices were stormed, intimidated and ransacked.

Cases of break-ins, theft and tampering of computers, lining a windowsill of a Bush-Cheney office with bullet casing, firing a bullet into a campaign office just name a few of the actions these thugs perpetrated.
Convicted felons voted in numerous states, and largely voted democrat. Isn’t that an interesting statistic. DNC the party of those convicted of felonies. That is a statistic that should make any democrat proud.

The Democrats, who claimed that worst of Republicans, were by far the most despicable perpetrators of fraud in the previous election. The democrats should be ashamed to call themselves the party of the people since they did more to impede fair voting than any party in American History.

- 5 DNC Operatives were charged with slashing the tires of Republican vans on Election Day. Each was paid by either the Democratic Party of Wisconsin or America.
- The Ohio Democratic Party and America Coming Together (ACT) were issued restraining orders to stop calling republican voter and giving deceptive information including telling voters the wrong locations or days to vote.
- A court injunction was issued against the DNC to stop distributing intimidating material to Republican pollsters and volunteers in Florida.

This all pales in comparison the great city of Philadelphia. Why are we the best at voter fraud, just look at recent history? Mayor Street is under federal investigation, and is re-elected. On Election Day in ’04, a number of voting booths had votes for Kerry registered before the polling places opened.

Republican volunteers were threatened throughout the city by what police called “union goons”. In one case, a republican volunteer was cornered in a parking lot, chased through traffic, and threatened. When the attorneys came in with a restraining order, their van was nearly tipped over by the thugs. Finally, the police were called in and the men where rushed away in a police escort.

Prior to the Presidential Election, the number of registered voters surged in the city, nearly matching the census estimates on the number of voting age cititzens.

The Republicans challenged 63 polling places, which was thrown out of court. 43 were inaccessible to the handicapped, what happened to the ADA the liberals love so much? One house was decorated with Kerry signs, and another was a Vincent Fumo (Democrat State Senator) district office.

Volunteers of American Coming Together (ACT) and where recorded coming out of Curran-Fromhold Prison ion NE Philly with boxes full of absentee ballots. It is illegal for a third party to distribute or collect absentee ballots in the state, plus a person convicted of a felony may not vote either.

Remember, Bush only lost PA by a few thousand votes. These shenanigans could have tilted the election the other way.

I hope liberals are reading this, and I hope you are proud of these organizations that represent you. You say you stand for equality and the rights of the common citizen. Yet you disenfranchise all by these actions and take away the basic right of a citizen to vote. Men and woman have bled on nearly every continent to protect that right, yet these groups stomp on the Constitution with these actions. Typical of a liberal politician to pander to the media when it suits him, but when the truth comes out, that Democrats where the best at the disenfranchisement of American voters, not a sound is heard.

I hope you are proud to call convicted felons, criminals and thugs amongst the biggest supporters of your party. You call the Bush administration Fascist, I call what these liberal groups are doing is no better than any Totalitarian Dictatorship. Hitler and Mussolini gained power through voter intimidation, and men like Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro retained power through intimated and false elections.

I did not hear about this report in the mainstream media. Which of course I am surprised since Jesse Jackson was so intent on every person having an opportunity to vote, and every vote counting. Where is the ACLU? I thought they were non-partisan, especially since they receive tax payer dollars. Not a peep. I guess Kerry and Kennedy aren’t saying anything since they are on vacation.

This is a perfect case of typical liberal hypocrisy.

Posted by Paul @ 11:22 PM 4 comments

 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly in Philly Sports
I am so psyched about hockey season starting in October. The Flyers signed, arguably, the best player in the world in Peter Forsberg. With the acquisition of Derien Hatcher to the blue line, the Flyers are becoming the team to beat in the NHL.

Eagles training camp has started and Terrell Owens is acting the way I hoped he would, keeping his trap shut and playing ball. However, the no show of Brian Westbrook is bad. He is an integral part of the Offense and needs to be in camp and happy.

I am done with the Phillies. They are an ugly franchise, have not made the playoffs since '93 and only once in the last 22 years. So why not resign the GM, who orchestrated the last 7 years of mediocrity or worse, to two more years. The only hope with a non-playoff season by the Phillies was to get rid of the Milhouse Van Houten of baseball GMs.

Go Flyers, Go Eagles, I can't take the Phils anymore,

Posted by Paul @ 9:03 PM 4 comments

 The Design
Thanks to everyone who gave me some feedback through comments or e-mails on the design. I am not a superstar designer by any means so I value your opinions. The general comments have been good layout, but to dark, so I tried to brighten it up yesterday. I was hoping to keep a whole monochromatic look but in retrospect, that may not be the best idea. I will continue tweaking the background and colors until I have a site you will all be happy to visit and read.

Posted by Paul @ 10:10 AM 2 comments

 Energy Bill Schmenergy Bill it is All the Same Junk
Some people have asked me, "If you are on the right, why are you not a Republican?" Honestly, they tend to be too liberal for me. They claim they support originalist views by throwing bones like John Roberts. But let's face facts, few Republicans are truly conservative, and when push comes to shove, they are in the pocket of the special interests, just like democrats. I would love to see a Constitutionalist take powers, but while I do not agree with the platform, I would respect a Progressive because right or wrong, I believe that either would be moving the country in a direction they truly believe is the proper direction, without the special interest garbage. Take a look at this article from the Wall Street Journal regarding the passage of the Highway and Energy Bills, at least they were supposed to have been highway and energy bills.

The pork on these bills are ridiculous.

Speaker Dennis Hastert had barely waited for dawn to break after the midnight Cafta vote before he directed the House to pass a $286.4 billion highway bill. He expects Mr. Bush to sign this because it is "only" $2.4 billion more than the President's 2005 veto limit, which is "only" $28 billion more than his 2004 veto limit of $256 billion, which was "only" a 17% increase over the previous six-year highway spending level. "Only" in Washington could spending so much money be considered an act of fiscal discipline.

Hey Dennis, the words "only" and BILLION should never be used in the same sentence. NEVER!

Tax subsidies for oil companies? WHAT! These bastards are posting record profits and are gouging the citizens with record gas prices. So let's give them a tax break without forcing them to lower prices. Good idea!

$2.5 million for freeway landscaping in California. I've never been to California, but from what I've seen on TV, it is pretty hard to beat the natural landscaping of the Pacific Ocean on one side and the mountains on the other. $3.2 million to extend the longest paved walkway in the nation for Duluth. Where exactly is it being extended to, Mexico?

In the energy bill you have $6 million to encourage people to ride their bikes. They should not worry about that since nobody will be able to afford gas soon. Thanks to a mandate that will make gas 10 cents higher per gallon with a new ethanol additive.

Over $15 Billion for home heating subsidies?" How about a tax break for everyone. If you can't pay your heating bill, move someplace warmer. Sometimes I wonder how our parents and grandparents got by without big government entitlements.

The Republicans used to be the party of of constraint, the party of small government and low taxes. But with junk like this I wonder. Imagine the debt reduction that money could accomplish, the tax relief. Bush should veto these bills until the garbage is removed, but he has yet to veto a single offering from Congress. I find that odd.

Here is an option, our railroad was top-notch, now government run Amtrak is in shambles and a majority of freight in this country is run through trucks, not rail. Rails can move more freight further, faster and us less fuel than trucks. Rebuilt the rail infrastructure and get the trucks off the road. You will reduce accidents, traffic jams, fuel consumption and emissions. There are two problems though. The first is the teamsters. Their lobby is too strong to allow such an occurrence. Even though they dole out millions every year to the democrat campaigns, they have a problem supporting its platform on the environment. Second is the not in my back yard mentality. It is funny how people are all gung-ho to say they support the environment, but say you are going to reopen the rail like that is a mile from their house, and they have a major problem. This same situation happened a few years ago in a Philly suburb when the transportation schmucks known as SEPTA tried to reopen a passenger rail line. It would have saved headaches and emissions from thousands of cars daily. But some rich suburban snobs got together and fought back with the "Not in my backyard defense" and after they won, went back to wearing their Birkinstocks and hugging trees.

I am tired of junk like this that adds to the already too high debt. Any instance of junk I find will be brought to light on this site.

Posted by Paul @ 10:10 PM 3 comments