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Philadelphia is finally the best in the nation. Not in sports, or tourism. No not in fine art or music. American Center for Voting Rights has stated the Philadelphia is the best when it comes too fraudulent elections! YEAH, woo hoo.

I guess that means we can count on Jesse Jackson and John Kerry coming to town to talk about the disenfranchised voters. Not likely since it is the democrat supporters doing the dirty deeds. What happened to every vote should count? Hypocrites!

Lets look at some of the findings of this Non-Partisan organization from their 386 page report. The first 78 pages is their findings report, the last 310 is evidence including police reports and documents distributed by campaign offices. I am not even going to address things like addresses being parking lots, people voting twice using absentee ballots and showing up to vote, etc.

First I should state their comments in regards to the GOP. They found that no, I repeat NO paid operative of the Republican Party committed any heinous acts to misdirect or intimidate a voter. Individuals not affiliated with the party did attempt some misdirection, such as distributing flyers telling people to vote on Wednesday. Not a big deal, since few people would be stupid enough to fall for that, but it is wrong none-the-less. The same can not be said of the democrats who used severe tactics to not allow every person to vote. However, some made sure every person, deceased, living civilian or incarcerated had the opportunity to vote two or three times, but suppressed the military vote. Even in hotly contested Ohio, the DNC's own Voting Rights Institute stated there was no evidence to support fraud that transferred votes from Kerry to Bush.

The examples of fraud are rampant and insulting to me as an American. Any organization that supports such action should be prosecuted. Including:

A NAACP voting worker paid crack cocaine for fraudulent registration cards including the names of Dick Tracy, and Jive Turkey.

Choose to Vote paid “volunteers” for each democrat or independent voter but nothing for republican voters.

Jim Fleischmann of ACORN is quoted as saying, “Just because you register someone 35 times doesn’t mean the get to vote 35 time. . . “ What? This group is credited with thousands of fraudulent voter registrations in Colorado alone. In Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Missouri ACORN did not send in thousands of voter registrations in which the singer was registered Republican. was issued injunctions and restraining orders for their intimidating tactics including: photographing Bush voters and their license plates, giving free coffee to Kerry voters, shouted obscenities to voters in the booths, which is within the 100 feet limit.

Members of the AFL-CIO broke the arm of a Republican campaign worker when he tried to prevent them from storming a campaign office. In a coordinated 20 city attack, Bush-Cheney campaign offices were stormed, intimidated and ransacked.

Cases of break-ins, theft and tampering of computers, lining a windowsill of a Bush-Cheney office with bullet casing, firing a bullet into a campaign office just name a few of the actions these thugs perpetrated.
Convicted felons voted in numerous states, and largely voted democrat. Isn’t that an interesting statistic. DNC the party of those convicted of felonies. That is a statistic that should make any democrat proud.

The Democrats, who claimed that worst of Republicans, were by far the most despicable perpetrators of fraud in the previous election. The democrats should be ashamed to call themselves the party of the people since they did more to impede fair voting than any party in American History.

- 5 DNC Operatives were charged with slashing the tires of Republican vans on Election Day. Each was paid by either the Democratic Party of Wisconsin or America.
- The Ohio Democratic Party and America Coming Together (ACT) were issued restraining orders to stop calling republican voter and giving deceptive information including telling voters the wrong locations or days to vote.
- A court injunction was issued against the DNC to stop distributing intimidating material to Republican pollsters and volunteers in Florida.

This all pales in comparison the great city of Philadelphia. Why are we the best at voter fraud, just look at recent history? Mayor Street is under federal investigation, and is re-elected. On Election Day in ’04, a number of voting booths had votes for Kerry registered before the polling places opened.

Republican volunteers were threatened throughout the city by what police called “union goons”. In one case, a republican volunteer was cornered in a parking lot, chased through traffic, and threatened. When the attorneys came in with a restraining order, their van was nearly tipped over by the thugs. Finally, the police were called in and the men where rushed away in a police escort.

Prior to the Presidential Election, the number of registered voters surged in the city, nearly matching the census estimates on the number of voting age cititzens.

The Republicans challenged 63 polling places, which was thrown out of court. 43 were inaccessible to the handicapped, what happened to the ADA the liberals love so much? One house was decorated with Kerry signs, and another was a Vincent Fumo (Democrat State Senator) district office.

Volunteers of American Coming Together (ACT) and where recorded coming out of Curran-Fromhold Prison ion NE Philly with boxes full of absentee ballots. It is illegal for a third party to distribute or collect absentee ballots in the state, plus a person convicted of a felony may not vote either.

Remember, Bush only lost PA by a few thousand votes. These shenanigans could have tilted the election the other way.

I hope liberals are reading this, and I hope you are proud of these organizations that represent you. You say you stand for equality and the rights of the common citizen. Yet you disenfranchise all by these actions and take away the basic right of a citizen to vote. Men and woman have bled on nearly every continent to protect that right, yet these groups stomp on the Constitution with these actions. Typical of a liberal politician to pander to the media when it suits him, but when the truth comes out, that Democrats where the best at the disenfranchisement of American voters, not a sound is heard.

I hope you are proud to call convicted felons, criminals and thugs amongst the biggest supporters of your party. You call the Bush administration Fascist, I call what these liberal groups are doing is no better than any Totalitarian Dictatorship. Hitler and Mussolini gained power through voter intimidation, and men like Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro retained power through intimated and false elections.

I did not hear about this report in the mainstream media. Which of course I am surprised since Jesse Jackson was so intent on every person having an opportunity to vote, and every vote counting. Where is the ACLU? I thought they were non-partisan, especially since they receive tax payer dollars. Not a peep. I guess Kerry and Kennedy aren’t saying anything since they are on vacation.

This is a perfect case of typical liberal hypocrisy.

Posted by Paul @ 11:22 PM 4 comments