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 Appeasement Does Not Work
There are many on the left who claim the global war on terror is misguided, and we should appease the terrorists. Let's give them a daisy, a big hug, light a campfire and sing Kumbaya Allah.

I would like someone who believes this work one iota of historical evidence to suggest that this method work to end terrorism. One please. I have a few where it has not worked.

Everyone should now the whole Neville Chamberlain schtick from 1939 when he claimed, "Peace in our Time", by turning over the Sudetenland to Hitler. What happened? World War Two!

Let's look at the 90's. Clinton did nothing after The 6 terrorist attacks on his watch. Now, there is evidence that his Department of Defense cold have stopped 9/11. They were too worried about a PR issue though. I guess the families of the over 3,000 killed in the World Trade Center are sure glad Clinton did not get smeared any more.

Let's look at the last few days. Israel makes an appeasement and pulls out of settlements. Areas they rightfully acquired after defending herself from Arab attacks. So what does Hamas do?

First Hamas begins a power struggle with the PLO, claiming "Victory in Pushing Out the Infidels". Victory? Are you kidding me, it was a decision by the weak minded Sharon to pull out his people.

I quote from an
AP article on Yahoo

The main Palestinian militant group Hamas sent a thinly-veiled message to Abbas Friday, warning against any attempt to prevent its supporters from continuing the struggle against Israeli occupation.

"This army will continue to defend our homeland as long as one inch of Palestine remains occupied," Hamas leader in Gaza Mahmud Zahar told said.

Well, what exactly is Palestine? If I am not mistaken, does not Israel stand completely within what is thought of as Palestine?

Here is the kicker. The PLO is sending troops to monitor the withdrawal to prevent Hamas from firing rockets or shooting at retreating settlers. What? You were already appeased and wish to continue killing innocent women and children as they are forced to flee their homes. Nice.

See, appeasement does not work. It will never work. What will work? Dare I say, we have to kill all the terrorists before they kill us. Is there any other way, please someone, tell me another way!

Posted by Paul @ 8:42 AM 0 comments