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 The A-Bomb and Hollywood
No this is not a post about the latest cinematic regurgitation from Hollywood, a la The Dukes of Hazard. This is a post about the Left Coast needing to shut up and stop trying to rewrite history. I think playing a president on TV gave Martin Sheen the impression that his words carry more weight now. If he would read a something other than a script he would realize that the A-Bomb saved hundreds of thousands of American and Japanese lives.

Estimates form the planners were around 100,000 American dead in the first day alone and possibly 1,000,000 dead during the fight for the island. The Citizens of Japan were ready to obey their emperor to the death. In fact the Japanese defense plan was entitled "The Glorious Death of One Hundred Million to Defend the National Polity. That's encouraging!

So then 100,000 dead from one bomb kind of makes sense then. Although, no wonder the liberals apply their revisionist history to this. Most people believe the needs of the many out weigh the wants of the few, but far liberal is just the opposite were the wants of the few take precedent over the needs of the many.

Here's my big question for the day though, why is Martin Sheen allowed to be on the advisory board of a terrorist organization? What is our country doing, I thought we were at war with terror. Sheen is on the advisory board of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Sounds like a nice group, but says otherwise.

"A pirate organization is more like it. Sporting the skull and crossbones, his black or battleship-gray ships sail menacingly through the waves. They are painted with the names of the boats Watson has rammed and sunk.

The ships are fitted with water cannons, a concrete-filled bow made for ramming, and an attachment dubbed the “can opener” that can tear open a boat’s hull. In his book Earth Warrior, David Morris writes that Watson wears a long bowie knife at his side and carries AK-47s on board. He blasts Richard Wagner’s rousing “Ride of the Valkyries” to herald his arrival and terrify his victims.

SSCS’s mission is to stop fishing of which it disapproves. Its preferred methods? Ramming and sinking fishing ships, throwing butyric acid on their decks, and firing machine guns. Watson argues that United Nations resolutions authorize him to commit violent acts. But he regularly interferes with fisherman and hunters who are committing no crime. He serves as judge, jury, and executioner -- while enjoying the same tax-exempt status as universities and churches."

This is a terrorist group that operates with under the guises of lawlessness. I didn't think the lefties liked such actions, what with them being against the Minutemen policing our borders. This nutjob kills people and destroys property and is lauded as a hero. The Minutemen patrol the border and call border control when they see an illegal, but they are seen as vigilantes. The fringe left is just getting more out of touch with the real American, some Democrats included, but are trying to turn us into their vegan, socialist, tree hugging, birkenstock wearing, atheistetheist ideal. I for one am sick of them thumbing their noses and telling me how I should live. That should not happen in my country.

Posted by Paul @ 11:06 PM 2 comments