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 Politics and War - Oil and Water
Daily Kos felt it necessary to portray the Republican lack of support for the actions in Bosnia as a way of claiming that we should not have gone into Iraq for the same reasons. Then uses a cheeseball line at the end, "Funny thing is, we won that war without a single killed in action." I would hardly call that a war, more a series of air strikes. Since we have the greatest Air Force in the world, only one plane was shot down. No ground troops were engaged in battle. No wonder there were no US Casualties.

Let's look at quotes from some of the people who supported the Action in Bosnia and are vitriolic in regards to Iraq.

Senator Joe Biden - In a speech in 1999 on the action, "Let us look at what happened. To spare you any suspense, I think we did the right thing in our seventy-eight day air campaign, and we succeeded. The war against Milosevic was of great consequence. If NATO had not acted, the results, I believe, would have been grave."

Our favorite, Howard Dean has two wonderful quotes.

- "Intervention to stop genocide which is why I supported President Clinton's invasions in, and sending of troops to Bosnia and Kosovo."
- "All the effort we went to go after Saddam, who was never an imminent threat to the United States."

So the mass graves and torture chambers in Iraq were a mirage? Kurds and Shiites being gased are works of fiction? And exactly how much of a threat to US security was Milosevic?

How about Madeline Albright who said, "What's the use of having the world's best military when you don't get to use them?"

Where was the outrage when the Chinese Embassy was bombed, an Albanian Refugee Convoy was attacked and 14 civilians were killed at the Serbian TV, and at the resulting 1500 Civilian deaths I don't remember any baby killer signs or parents sitting outside Martha's Vineyard waiting for an audience with Clinton. (Although he probably would have invited the mothers in.)

There was no UN support for this action, something the democrats demanded out of Iraq, and there was no congressional support for submitting troops in action.

What does this say to me? Reading Kos's comments and the research I did, politics has no place in war. The party out of power is going to oppose any action by the sitting president (although the democrats largely did support action in Afghanistan.)

When it comes to the security of the nation, perceived or immediate and the lives of the brave men and women in uniform. Set politics aside and being a proud American should be first and foremost.

Posted by Paul @ 11:44 AM 0 comments