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 Liberal Republicans
It's funy how during the 2004 campaign Bush threw around the word liberal like it was a mortal sin to be liberal. However, he has proven to be no better than the tax a spend Deomcrats of days past. Republicans have the White House, the House and the Senate, why can't they pass laws that give support to the true conservatives that put them in office. I was one of those people who supported the Republicans because the Democrats scare the hell out of me, but I can't do that anymore because the the Liberal wing of the Republicans scare me too.

Look what the Democrats did when Johnson was President. The pushed through their socialist legislation which created the entitlement generations in this country. The Republicans had the chance to reverse that damage, but have only added fuel to the fire. I can't support a President, who calls himself a Republican, but is in the back pocket of special interests, entitlements and corporations.

What has finally gotten my ire? I am sick of these stinking gas prices. Sure, you can blame the environmentalists nut jobs and over regulation that makes it impossible to build a new refinery in this country, but there is one problem with that. The Republicans could give all those groups the finger and change the legislation and regulations to enact real change in this country, yet have chosen not to do so.

What does Bush and the Republicans do, they create a bogus energy bill, highlighted by a 14 Billion Dollar, that $14,000,000,000, subsidy to oil companies. Just what they need considering the record profits they posted in the second quarter of this year and the fourth, third and second quarters of 2004 and are projected to make in the remainder of this year and in 2006. We are already paying through the nose for gas, and now are paying oil companies again through subsidies paid for by our tax dollars. That money should have gone to us, the tax payers. The Gasoline Excise tax generated approximately 20 billion in revenue in 2000 (It took me an hour to find that number, if anyone has anything more current I would appreciate it. Makes me feel like the government is trying to hide this info.) Why not eliminate the 18.4 cents per gallon tax to alleviate the consumers? The additional 6 Billion could have been made up if they trmmed the fat off the bill. No, let's run a higher deficit by giving money to corporations that don't need it. What happened to the tried and true conservative ideology of lowering the tax burden?

I'll tell you, it is out the window along with the out of control budget and debt. I voted for Bush for three main reasons, the reduction of taxes, private social security accounts and real tort reform, and as it stands now, even though there is a majority in the house and senate, it looks like none of that will happen.

Right now, the Republicans are no better in my book than the tax and spend liberals of days past. Thanks for wasting more of my money!

Posted by Paul @ 8:00 PM 3 comments