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 Supreme Court Says What?
In a ruling today, the highest court in the land decided to state that it is ok to have public displays of religion, or did they rule it was not ok to have public displays of religion? I was pretty confused by this one, and since I am not a constitutional attorney I am not going to delve too far into this one.

Here is my problem with the rulings. Why do the courts continually present the idea of "separation of church and state"? No where in the Constitution do those words exist. The First Amendment does state the congress shall make no laws establishing a religion nor prohibit the free exercise of religion.

That amendment was created to avoid the creation of an American church, similar to the Anglican Church of England. How exactly is having a Ten Commandments listed in a court room a violation of that clause. The court is merely identifying the building block of American laws.

By having such religious items removed, if anything they are prohibiting one to freely exercise his or her religion.

These rulings are establishing the creation of an American religion. Or should I say the lack of religion. By removing every item of Judeo-Christian law, images and texts from our society, the liberals are establishing the rule of Atheism in our country. If these ruling continue the God who sheds his grace on us will turn his light on another nation. If God is not on our side, then who is!

Posted by Paul @ 8:12 PM 12 comments