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 Reparations - Not So Goode
As if it were not difficult enough to conduct business in Philadelphia, with the highest city wage tax in the nation and the so-called business "privilege" tax, industry continues to find new reasons to house their businesses outside of the city borders. Then comes councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr., son of the infamous Mayor Goode whose budgets nearly bankrupted the city, who bombed and torched an entire city block, and was re-elected. Goode Jr. believes that any bank in which the city deposits money should not only apologize if they took part in slavery, but now, with Council Bill 050615 that bank should also list detailed reparations made to African Americans.

Mr. Goode's current victim is Wachovia Financial. The following quote is taken from a press release by Peter Flaherty of the National and Legal Policy Center.

"According to the report, Wachovia merged with, acquired or absorbed some 400 banks since 1781. A total of two banks were identified as having transactions involving slaves prior to the Civil War, which ended 140 years ago. The Georgia Railroad and Banking Company owned 162 slaves and the Bank of Charleston accepted 529 slaves as collateral on loans.

The Wachovia statement reads, in part, 'We are deeply saddened by these findings. We apologize to all Americans, and especially to African Americans and people of African descent.'"

This action is a disgrace on numerous levels and reparations will be discussed on a future blog. That's the great thing about capitalism Mr. Goode, if you don't want to do business with a particular bank, find another one, there is one on nearly every corner in Center City.

I have contacted Mr. Goode's office and requested to know why he has introduced this bill. I need to know why prices may increase to cover reparations especially when I nor my ancestors had nothing to do with slavery. I will persist until I have an answer I can give on this site. I urge you to contact your councilperson to vote against Bill 050615.

Posted by Paul @ 7:25 PM 0 comments