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 Democrats Trash the Troops, Again
A number of my conservative blogger buddies have made a point to comment on this news article from the The Pittsburgh Channel about how Catherine Baker Knoll, PA's Lt. Governor, insulted a widow of an American soldier who gave his life for freedom in Iraq.

I try to keep a somewhat family oriented site, one that your kids could read, so I will avoid really typing what I think of this democrat garbage who represents this state.

One would think it respectable that she would show up at a funeral for a fallen son of Pennsylvania. However, reports are that she distributed her business card and commented that the government is against this war. Yes, at the funeral service, for a fallen soldier, nshe said to the family that the government is against the war. This made a terrible day worse for the family, and her written apology, is not sufficient. She should be made to resign for this disgrace to a Pennsylvania family.

Her actions show two things.

One is that the Rendell administration has no respect for our military and he should pay for that in the next election. He fought to not give the troops, fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, additional time to get in their mail-in ballots in the 11/04 elections, even after the mistake was the result of the PA Voter Commission. Now a member of his administration is denigrating families of the brave men and women fighting for our freedom. Rendell should no longer be Governer ofthis great state.

Second, when will the liberals realize that you can not say you are against the war on terror but for the troops. Is this situation not evidence enough that their position is bunk? The troops do not see your point of view, but they fight for your right to view that way. I won't say you can't feel that way, but I will say I think your hedge is a sign that you are a coward. Either you are afraid of backlash from those who support our country and are against terrorism, or you are afraid of being labeled a war monger by your own party. Either way, grow a backbone.

Posted by Paul @ 9:03 PM 8 comments