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 Beyond Harry Potter

I've not read the books nor have I seen the movies. I really have no desire to, but the whole larger cultural aspect of these books is hilarious.

I was watching the news with my wife last night which showed the lines of parents and children anxiously awaiting the books sales. While waiting in line for a book is one thing, waiting in line in costume is another. Can we pleased be serious for a minute folks. While your kids may want to do this, it is your role as parents to help prevent your kids from getting beat up in school. Kids have enough reading to do in school, they should be outside playing baseball, football or classic games as freedom or ghosts in the graveyard. Instead of having outdoor fun during the dog days of summer, they are going to be walled inside their homes reading a book. Keep in mind kids, you have your whole lives to read a book, but only one childhood.

As if Greenpeace has nothing better to do, they chimed in on Harry Potter too. Let's bash the American manufacturer, and kneel at the altar of the foreigners. "If they had printed the book on 100 percent recycled paper, like Raincoast, its 10.8 million print run could have saved 217,475 mature trees." Greenpeace claims Scholastic Publishing chopped down "ancient" forests for the paper for their book. What exactly is an ancient forest anyway? I remember reading it was good to thin old growth forests to allow for the new trees to take root. Well, Greenpeace neglects to say what percentage they did use, so I hold no credence in what thit bunch of nut jobs says anyway.

Finally, is the Pope that out of touch with reality? Two letters from when Pope Benedict XIV was a Bishop shows his displeasure with the Harry Potter books. His opinion is that it would distort a child's judgment as to the lines between good and evil. IT'S A BOOK! Is it not the role of parents to set the limitations of good and evil in their own families? Are you afraid that by reading the book kids are going to turn into witches a warlocks? That's as ridiculous as not allowing kids to dress up for halloween.

To sum up, screw Greenpeace, I'm glad kids are reading but don't loose track of your childhood, don't forget to play, and the Pope needs to mellow.

Posted by Paul @ 11:46 AM 0 comments