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 Drop the Puck!
I don't know about you, but I can not wait for hockey season to start again. There was a huge void after football season until baseball really started up, and I missed the playoffs.

A couple points about the strike and the NHL.

1) Like all four sports I think there are too many teams. Who plays ice hockey in phoenix, I mean let's be serious. If they would ever go deep in the playoff, you could be playing on ice when the temperature is 100 degrees outside. Also, do second tier cities like Columbus really need a team? Too many teams means a diluted product with the good players too spread out, and players who should not be playing still hang around.

2) I like the majority of the rule changes. Click hereto link to the NHL rules changes. Although the NHL would not have to go this route if the referees would have enforced the rules on the books from the beginning. The whole behind the net area for goalies is a little weird. No need to set boundaries to restrict their movements, just let them get checked like any other player. The shootout is huge and will definitely make the game more exciting.

3) I am glad to read that owners are dropping ticket prices. With the cap in place and the players taking a 24% salary cut, it is nice to see that the owners are not keeping the ticket prices inflated to line their pockets.

4) I think it is stupid to break this season for the Olympics. You are coming off a year where you did not play, and you are going to take 3 weeks off to tiptoe in a foreign country. Where are the winter Olympics this year? Shows you how much I care.

All that said, it will be great to see the orange and black take to the ice again. Go Flyers!

Posted by Paul @ 11:57 PM 2 comments