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 Heroes in Philadelphia and the Live 8 Sham

No, this is not your typical post about Live 8, although I will get to that later.

The real heroes were located at Penns Landing. Nearly 3 miles away from the Live 8 Concert, the brave men an women of the Guided Missile Cruiser USS Cole were docked in Philadelphia. I had the opportunity to bring my son to see a true piece of history. While he is only 2 years old, one could see the awe and wonder in his face standing beside this massive display of America's strength.

Do you remember October 12, 2000? The USS Cole was attacked by Al-Qaida Terrorists while refueling at port in Yemen. (This was the SIXTH terrorist attack against the United States during Clinton's term, but he was too busy getting hummers in the Oval Office to bring those responsible to justice.) 17 brave men and women lost their lives in service to their country and another 36 were wounded because of this attack. However, in November of 2003 the USS Cole returned to duty in defending the country from aggressors.

On the other side of the city, over 1 million people turned out to hear the liberal propaganda machine at its best. Sure why not forgive the debt of the African nations? Because it costs money! Whose money? The citizens and taxpayers or those countries who forgive the debt. It must have been easy for these multi-millionaires to sing few a songs telling the average hard working person what should happen with their money.

It is naive of Geldoff and his cronies to think that the forgiveness of a few Billion dollars will bring these countries out of poverty. If anything, it will only serve to strengthen the stranglehold the dictatorial regimes posses over their people. If they don't have the debt to repay, you can bet the warlords will buy more weapons or mercenaries to plunder the land and enslave their people. Wholesale governmental reforms must occur before any changes in Africa can occur.

Finally, is any more proof needed that the Hollywood Left are a bunch of socialists. Ending world poverty is a noble cause, but can never exist in a capitalist system. Capitalism is not a perfect system, but it is the best system we have. There must be haves and have-nots, employed and unemployed in capitalism. Full employment is calculated at 4%, because the system would collapse if there was ever 0% unemployment.

If relieving the plight of these nations is so important, why don't the artists take some of their royalties out of the tax shelters and put it where their mouth is and send it to the nations they pretend to help.

I am sick of sending my hard earned money over seas and am against foreign aid, especially when we have so many problems of our own.

The founding fathers created the Constitution, "For ourselves and our posterity. . ." That does not include citizens of foreign nations.

Posted by Paul @ 10:49 PM 1 comments