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 Is You Trippin', The Lefties be Heppin' Me
Yo, what up homes? Hollah, fam?

In the latest from the sympathetic left, The San Bernadino Sun is reporting that the San Bernadino school district will be helping the African American students in the district improve their academic performance. Yep, they are going to raise the bar, improve teaching, hold the parents accountable and make going to school a worth while learning experience.

Sure, and Bill Clinton has a chance to be President again.

No, they are going to take the easy way out. Instead of actually educating students they are taking the easy way out, by lowering the bar. "Incorporating Ebonics into a new school policy that targets black students, the lowest-achieving group in the San Bernardino City Unified School District, may provide students a more well-rounded curriculum, said a local sociologist."

Yes, Ebonics. The proud language of gangsta rappers everywhere recognized by the penultimate school district, Oakland. What's the required reading, Snoop Dogg and Fiddy Cent?

Give me a break. I am shocked to think that these people actually think they are doing right by these students. It cracks me up to read, "[School Board Member Danny] Tillman hoped the new policy would increase the number of black students going to college and participating in advanced courses."

Mr. Tillman forgets one thing. English! Colleges in the United States teach in English, and there is not single AP test in Ebonics. No credible academic university has recognized ebonics as a language other than slang.

What prominent black person in society speaks ebonics? The answer is none! So why all of a sudden do people think it is ok to speak and now teach ebonics? Because it is the path of least resistance. It is easier to lower the bar that to bring the students up to meet or exceed the bar. It is not about talking white or black, it is about talking English. While I know my English is not perfect, and I am more relaxed in my comfort zone with friends, speaking and writing English in America has gotten me far in life.

It is policies like this that make it more necessary to have a Constitutional Amendment declaring English the language of the land. You down wit dat, yo?

Posted by Paul @ 10:10 PM 5 comments