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 Crime in Philly. . . Raj's Solutions
Two nights ago, there were 8 shootings in Philadelphia that resulted in 3 deaths. Granted if you geographically look at the crimes in the city, they are centered in specific areas. But those areas are quickly expanding and growing like kudzu, choking and destroying anything in its grasp.

Last night was an interesting night for me. I attended a Rally for Raj held at Cannstadters in Northeast Philly, where the primary focus was on crime and what Raj's plan is to help stop the influx of crime in the Northeast. I also read an article in the Northeast Breeze about what Alyson Schwartz, the D incumbent is (more like is not) doing about crime.

Any Philadelphian knows, John Street hates the Northeast. His disdain is obvious as revenge for the total lack of support this section gave him in both elections. Even the largely D Union strongholds went so strongly for Katz, it created a thorn in his side. So he and fellow D Schwartz continue to ill-represent their constituents in the Northeast in regards to the rise in crime.

Case in point, Schwartz secured a grant of nearly $220,000 for crime fighting measures. What does she do, not add patrols, not enlarge prisons, not even reform programs to keep convicted criminals off the streets. She added 2 Federal prosecutors and 1 Gun Crime Specialist to Philadelphia Police. Sure, they'll be able to devote more man hours to the judicial system, but the problem is, there are not enough police to catch the criminals in the first place, and if they are caught, they are allowed to continue walking the streets because the prisons are at capacity. Thanks for nothing Schwartz. Typical D move, all flair no substance.

What can a congressman do about crime in their district? Raj has a solid plan that will help.

1) End Section 8 Housing. Section 8 is a abomination on American Society. It creates absentee landlords just looking for a buck, perpetuates the lack of homeownership and lack of neighborhood pride, and increases crime. Section 8 needs to go away and Raj promised that he would never vote in favor of a Section 8 funding bill.

2) Utilize homeland security funds to fight crime at home. "What good is it to fight a war and secure a country in the Middle East, when we are not secure on our own streets." Valid point, and while Raj supports the troops and actions in Afghanistan and Iraq, we need help here.

3) Work to end the bickering in Congress that stops critical legislation and strengthens the enemy. Republican or D, we are all Americans.

CB Kimmons, a community activist, and Greg Bucceroni, of the Guardian Angels, also spoke. They reiterated the need for a change in the city and that the current city administration and representation in Congress are not getting it done. Bucceroni went so far as to say that during the last election, he supported and voted for Schwartz. After her election, he was insignificant because he is from Frankford. Bucceroni, a native New Yorker, went so far as to say the Raj reminds him of Rudy Giullani before he was elected mayor. Those are strong words and strong praise to be compared to Giuliani.

Bucceroni also said it best, "I am a registered Democrat, and I voted for Alyson Schwartz, but come election day, I'll be voting for Raj."

Posted by Paul @ 8:12 PM 3 comments