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 Street Finally Addresses the Real Threat in Philly
The murder rate in Philly is on record pace. Crime is rampant in the worse neighborhoods in the City. The budget is trashed, there are not enough police officers, the paramedic units are under-funded and under-staffed, and the is a pariah in the city that our illustrious Mayor Street will tackle head on, The Boy Scouts of America.

Yes friends, John Street is attacking the beloved Boy Scouts and threatening to kick them out of the city. Why, because they do not allow openly gay individuals. Neither does the military, but I don't see him trying to kick out the Armory or the Navy Depot on Tabor Road. Does John think this is a good thing? Why attack an organization whose goal it is to get boys off the street and better their lives?

Deflection is the only thing I can think of. He has no solution for the troubles on the streets so he creates a radical agenda for people to freak out and not think about the real troubles. Kind of like Clinton bombing Kosovo to deflect away from Monica Lewinsky. I'm not the only on who thinks this is nuts.

"This is probably the most ridiculous political action taken this year by any politician in America," said Raj Peter Bhakta, who is running for Congress in Northeast Philadelphia and Montgomery County. "While the city suffers its worst quality of life crisis in recent memory, John Street seeks to push a radical agenda rather than face the real problems."

"The streets of Philadelphia are unsafe," said Raj. "So Mayor Street chooses to go after the one organization that has done so much to improve the lives of thousands of children in this region."

Raj said he was particularly shocked that Street would take on a group that has done so much to help so many young people steer clear of criminal activity. The Boy Scouts Cradle of Liberty Council, which serves 87,000 scouts in Philadelphia, Montgomery County and Delaware County, has kept its headquarters on public grounds near Logan circle since 1928. In a more sane time, the City Council promised that the Boy Scouts may remain there with no rent charged "in perpetuity."

What's more, Street now thinks he knows more than the Supreme Court. In 2000, the Court Ruled that applying a state public accommodations law to require the Boy Scouts to admit a gay troop leader violates the group’s constitutional right of expressive association. Remember, it was a fairly liberal Court in 2000 that ruled this way.

Please, support Raj for Congress and help get some level of sanity back to the city. "If crime and drugs persist in our neighborhoods, only God knows who the city will target next," said Raj. "Perhaps the Salvation Army."

Read more on this amazing turn of events at Raj's Blog.

Posted by Paul @ 11:12 AM 3 comments