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 Recent News
So, a lot has happened the last few days, let's see if you caught these headlines.

"Scooter" Libby is indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice, and now the Democrats want an investigation into the Iraq War and how the White House stopped resistance. Funny, I don't remember them all upset a few years ago when there was another person in the White House who was indicted on perjury and obstruction of justice. That was ok though, he only lied about adultery. In the eyes of the law, perjury is perjury. That's like being presented with two murderers and giving one the death penalty because he killed a teacher and another community service because they killed a homeless person. If found guilty "Scooter" should serve time, but Clinton should have also.

Bush grew some stones and nominated a Justice with a conservative track record. It's great to see the Democrats in arms and so upset over someone who will actually uphold the Constitution.

The President's stones quickly shrank after presenting his Bird Flu Policy. I'm glad to see that only 20 million vaccines will be available, what about the other 250+ million of us. One sure way to stop a Pandemic would be to keep it out of the country, but shoring up the borders means nothing because it might upset some Hispanic voters. We can now add Bird Flu to the list of things that can easily pass through our sieve of a border, other than the obvious illegal immigrants. What is that list again?

1) Terrorists
2) WMD's
3) Narcotics
4) Conventional Weapons
5) Bird Flu

Add them all up, you get one thing, DEAD AMERICANS. The feelings of the voters are more important though. I just want to make sure our representatives have their priorities straight. Best part of this plan, it won't help anyone for 6 - 8 years, and will cost 7.2 Billion. If Bush's wants to become known as the President to hit the $10 Trillion debt mark, he is doing a darn good job of it, and at his current spending rate will get close. Maybe he could donate an extra $40 Billion to Africa for a cushion.

Cynical, no. Fed up, YES.

In a final note 500 Iraqis were freed from Abu Grahib Prison today. The were given $25 and a Koran. They were released because they confessed their crimes, were repentant and denounced further violence. In a related story Charles Manson was released after he said he was sorry, gave a good Act of Contrition, and completed his penance of 5 Hail Marys and 1 Our Father.

I thought it was a joke too. What the hell kind of war are we fighting? The press has bastardized our military and handcuffed the troops. This is Vietnam again because the military can not do what they are paid to do, kill then enemy. Instead we let 500 future insurgents out walk out. 500 future car bombers or suicide bombers. Last I checked, the war is not over and we still have troops on the ground, and these prisoners should have remained in jail.

Posted by Paul @ 10:27 PM 0 comments