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 Linguistic Dung
In a movement to ease the minds of children, schools in LA are no longer failing their students. They will use a new terminology, "deferred success". Isn't that nice, let's not tell students the truth, we'll make them go through school, thinking they actually have a few brain cells. Naturally, they'll go through a liberal college, on scholarship no less, but what happens in the real world. They suck at their jobs, get fired and realize they are better suited for flipping burgers. They will be the most educated fry cooks at McDonalds.

The whole idea of deferred success is ridiculous. Until when will their success be deferred; next month, next year, death? The idea of deferred is that something is put of to a later time. If kids don't know they are failing, then how are they ever going to know they need to improve. Fact is these kids never will improve.

This is just the perpetuation of liberal socialism. Everyone is on the same footing, eliminate hard work and competition.

I think it is funny that most liberals support Darwin when it suits them, but forget quite possibly the most integral part of his natural selection theories, Survival of the fittest. Do they believe that they truly are giving the students everything they need to survive. Are they the fittest?

I'm not talking about fit like a lion, an lion can't hold down a job. For human survival, you need to have a skill and eductation. The strongest among the species are the most educated or the most skilled. If these kids success is deferred, I would wonder when the will acheive success.

As a parent, I would want to know my kid was failing so I could do what was necessary top get him on the right track. Not continue indefinitely with the idea that my kid is fine, kumbaya and all that crap.

Posted by Paul @ 9:56 PM 0 comments