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 Eagles Wrap Up
A lot has happened in the past 3 days.

Saturday - Terrell Owens Suspended for the Redskins Game on Sunday Night.

Sunday - Running Back Brian Westbrook's contract is extended (About Time). The Eagles lose.

Monday - David Akers's contract is extended to 2010 with the highest signing bonus and contract for a kicker in the NFL (Well Deserved). Owens is suspended for 3 more games and told not to return for the remaining 5 games after.

Let's get this out of the way then I'll talk about the game. Terrel Owens, while an amazing player on the field, was a cancer on the team. What do you do with a cancer, you cut it out before it metastizes and takes over the entire body. While the surgery is initially painful, in the longer run, the body survives and becomes stronger. Any psychologists out there that can offer a diagnoses? He clearly needs clinical help.

Reid is a 7 year vteran coach, has coached in 4 NFC Championship games and 1 Superbowl. Someone please tell me why he did not have his best player, Brian Westbrook, on the field the final 2 plays of the game? Sure Reid says it was to have an extra blocker in, butthe problem with that is Gordon did not block, he was out in the flat?

This team needs the defense to play at an exceedingly high level that we are used to. I'm not quite sure what they are doing now, but they are not tackling, covering or defending. They are weak in all facets of defending the field.

While they actually ran the ball, a problem surfaced, lack of practice, fault the coach. Like a muscle that has atrophied, the Line has not run blocked in weeks, and it showed during the game, that they can not run block.


McNabb moved around well, scrambled a little, but not nearly enough, but did throw well. I can't recall a worm burner. The ball was spread around, not forced in 15 times to one player. Lat night I was yelling at my TV during the final play of the half, but today, I give him credit for being aggressive and trying to exploit an opening. Although, it would have been productive if his line knew to blockl an Lewis knew the ball might come his way. Fault the lack of two minute drill practice, which is ciaching.

Reggie Brown shows promise. He made a nice catch and run for a 52 yard touchdown reception.

It was really nice to see Akers back on the filed and knock one through the uprights.

That's about it for the positives. Go Birds!

Posted by Paul @ 8:44 PM 0 comments