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 Philly Sports in Brief
Wow, the Eagles sucked yesterday. There was not one aspect of the game in which anyone could generate a positive. This just goes to show that eventually, you need to have a running game if nothing else than to keep teams honest. Plus, Westbrook has not played well in 2 weeks, how much is his contract squabble hanging over his head. Pay him what ever he wants, he should wear Eagles green forever.

I am thrilled that the hockey season has began. I know they are only 2 games into the season, but I am thrilled that the Flyers are on the ice again. No offense to Esche, but Niittymaki needs to be the starter. His butterfly style is more conducive to success in the new era of offense and smaller goalie pads. I also think he is quicker than Esche post to post, but that could be rust on Esche's part not playing last season. It is a joy to see Forsberg in the orange and black. He has amazing vision and passes beautifully. One can only wonder what would have happened if he was never dealt for Lindros. It was the right move at the time, but if hindsight were 20/20, there is no way he could have been traded. Forsberg and Gagne will be a potent offensive tandem in the NHL.

The Phillies finally dumped Wade. Good riddance. Rumors are that the Phillies received notices from nearly 30% of their season ticket holders threatening to leave if Wade is still around. I can only hope they bring someone from outside the organization and that person dumps Charlie as well. Although, business as usual would see the likes of Ruben Amaro Jr. getting the nod, or Mike Arbuckle, the architect of the worst farm system in baseball.

I am not a big basketball fan, but it is good to see a Philly Icon like Mo Cheeks as the coach. His knowledge and ability to utilize his players to their best abilities should make team better.

Posted by Paul @ 10:20 PM 3 comments