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 The Cost of Life
There is one place where I starkly differ from most conservatives and that is with abortion "rights". I do believe that abortion should not be used as birth control and should be as rare as possible. However, I do believe that the government has a limited right as to allow or dis-allow abortions. That is, the Federal Government really has no Constitutional duty to regulate abortions, it should be left to the states. What does bother me is people who hide their true beliefs. The one positive thing I can say about Bush is he is a man of his convictions, and right or wrong, he believes what he says and says what he believes. The case of the prisoner in Missouri wanting an abortion is ridiculous.

If you haven't been following this one, check out The Arizona Republic and St. Louis Today.

A woman found out, after she was arrested that she was pregnant. She is willing to pay for the abortion procedure, but needs the prison to provide transportation, which would amount to $350. The state of MO has a law in which the government will not pay for a woman's abortion so is refusing to pay for the transportation to the clinic to have the abortion done. Justice Clarence Thomas tried to step in and block this, but the state's Supreme Court ruled to have the prison system transport the woman to the clinic to have the fetus aborted.

You can't have your cake and eat it too. On the right, we commonly describe leftist judges as activists and rightly so when they re-write laws. In this case, the judge from MO may have done that. However, in my humble opinion, Justice Thomas should not have stepped in. This is a case for the state to decide, not an activist justice.

But lets get to the meat of this issue, if the MO governor and the people of the state of MO are so value driven that they don't want to pay for this, then make abortion illegal in your state. Don't hide behind the comment that it is too expensive to drive this criminal to the clinic. Say what you mean, abortion is wrong and we will not drive her because it is immoral, etc.

However you made this about tax dollars, so I will do the same. The bill when my son was born, nearly 3 years ago, was approx. $17,000. 350 bucks or $17,000 which would be easier to balance. Also, does the prison have the facilities to deliver a baby, if not, she will have to be transported to the hospital, tack on another $1000 for ambulatory services. So now we are looking at a difference of nearly $17,650. Not to mention the costs for child welfare to take over this child once the birth occurs. If you are worried about her running away, she is almost 20 weeks pregnant. If your prison guards can not chase down a midterm pregnant woman, you have other problems on your list. So, your money argument does not hold water with me, Mr. Governor.

If you believe abortion is wrong, than say that is reason and do something about it.

Posted by Paul @ 10:34 PM 0 comments